Fire & Lighting Essentials

Light your way to safety with these emergency lights and lanterns. Stock your bail-out bag or emergency kit with LED flashlights, headband lights, and don't forget about lanterns! Great in any emergency situation, from blackouts to late-night tire changes, you'll have a back-up light to rely on.

Light your way through the storm, along the highway, or just down to the braker with these emergency lanterns and flashlights from Smith & Edwards. We've got your emergency lighting needs: battery-powered or solar-powered, even Cyalume Glow Sticks that power themselves, all these emergency lights are portable and easy to store in your kit. Plus, you'll find emergency candles here that are great for warmth as well as light. You'll round out a very important component of your emergency gear with these lighting essentials.

Here's a DIY emergency lighting  idea: take an emergency candle or two, place them in a wide mouth pint or quart  Mason jar with some matches or a lighter, and then screw on a plastic lid to keep the kit together. Now when the lights go out, you've got a candleholder and heat source for warming your food.


Emergency Lanterns

Emergency Lanterns

Don't worry about batteries - choose an emergency lantern that can wind up & go! These full-feature lanterns are ideal for any disaster or survival situation. Keep survival lanterns with your emergency gear and in your car so you've got dependable light in any scenario.

What you see here isn't all the emergency lighting we carry at Smith & Edwards! Check out our full emergency lighting selection online. Or, come on in to our store in Ogden, Utah. We've got loads more lighting in-store, including kerosene lanterns in a variety of colors and sizes. We'd love to show you and answer any questions you have about Emergency Preparedness. Give us a call at 801-731-1120, we're always happy to help.

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Emergency Flashlights

Emergency Flashlights

During an emergency, there's always a high chance of low visibility. Let Smith and Edwards help prepare you for that chance with flashlights of every size, brightness, battery type, style, and brand. Plus, click here for Replacement Flashlight Bulbs for your Maglite and more.

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Head Lamps

Head Lamps

Candles and glowsticks are nice, but when you need to light your way out of a serious situation - a cave, a basement, or woods - you want the dependability and brightness of an LED flashlight to guide you out of the darkness. Or, take the hands-free approach and try our new favorite, the LED/Xenon Head Lamp, which has 3 different lighting methods. These emergency flashlights won't let you down.

Your 72-hour kit needs one of these flashlights! And so does your roadside emergency kit. Make sure you've got enough light to go around when you're creating your disaster preparedness strategy. Ideally you want a light for each person in your family, so no one is left in the dark. Remember to pack batteries, too.

These are also excellent flashlights to take with you camping, or to keep in the kitchen or bedroom in case the power goes out. These flashlights have a lot of functionality and will hold up to any adventure or situation you take them on.

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Replacement Flashlight Bulbs

Replacement Flashlight Bulbs

Unless you've made the switch to LED, be ready to replace the bulb in your flashlight from time to time. We have many types like Dorcy Krypton bulbs, and plenty of Maglite bulbs.

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Emergency Candles, Matches, & Glowsticks

Emergency Candles, Matches, & Glowsticks

Ideal to have in your emergency bags and kits as well as in the kitchen in case of power outages, choose from several styles of emergency candles and glowsticks here. You'll find 4" and 5" candles, in small packs as well as bulk. Light your way to safety or just the breaker with firestarters and an emergency candle from Smith & Edwards.

Whether you just need a little light, or you need heat as well, you'll find the emergency candles you need here at Smith & Edwards. Choose from single-wick or three-wick candles. The three-wick candle by Coghlan's allows you to heat food over its flames, lasting 12-36 hours depending on the number of wicks lit. You'll also find several styles of fire starters, from waterproof matches to flint and steel - good even in the rain.

Great for at home as well as your roadside emergency kit, you can rely on these survival candles, fire starters, and glowsticks in your time of need.

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