Measuring Cups & Spoons

When you need to whip, drip, slice, dice, strain, or drain- we've got the right device for you. Browse our Food Prep tools and check out all the essential cooking tools, like collapsible colanders and silicone steamers, that you need for preparing simple to extravagant meals.

Wash, rinse, and repeat isn’t just for your hair. Use our essential cooking tools, like the collapsible colanders or cabbage steamers, to help create memorable and mouth-watering meals. Add the right amount of sugar on anything with our sugar shaker or make that perfect gravy like grandma used to make with our gravy separator. Then check out our baking tools selection for more helpful kitchen tools.


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Chef'n Sleekstor Nesting Measuring Spoons
Number: 102-251
Price: $5.99
Slice N' Dice Flexible Cutting Board
Number: 6074785
Price: $3.59
Harold Imports Mini Measuring Cup
Number: 6096069
Price: $3.59
Progressive Prepworks Measuring Cups - Set of 6
Number: 61394
Price: $5.99
OXO Large Cookie Scoop
Number: 6226682
Price: $18.99
Progressive Measuring Cup
Number: 62879
Price: $5.99
Progressive Prepworks Ultimate Measuring Set
Number: BA-530
Price: $13.99
Progressive Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups
Number: BA-540
Price: $13.99
Progressive Prepworks Oval Measuring Cups
Number: BA-545
Price: $10.99
Progressive Prepworks Flexible Measuring Spoons
Number: BA-555
Price: $5.99
Fox Run Measuring Spoon Set of 6
Number: FR04826
Price: $4.99
Fox Run Measuring Cup Set
Number: FR04827
Price: $8.99
Fox Run Stainless Steel Flour Sifters
Number: FR465
Price: Starting at $6.99
Fox Run Ice Cream/Cookie Dough Scoops
Number: FR535
Price: $6.49
KitchenArt Pro Adjust-A-Cup
Number: FR552
Price: Starting at $8.99
Fox Run Adjust-A-Teaspoon - Assorted Colors
Number: FR74421
Price: $2.99
Fox Run Adjust-A-Tablespoon - Assorted Colors
Number: FR74422
Price: $3.99
Fox Run Adjust-A-Tablespoon & Adjust-A-Teaspoon Set - Red
Number: FR74437
Price: $6.99
Joie Meow Measuring Cups - Assorted Colors
Number: HIC12422
Price: $6.99
Joie Measure Mate
Number: HIC26582
Price: $2.99
Joie Orange Plastic Measuring Spoons - Set of 5
Number: HIC26743
Price: $2.99
Harold Import Measuring Cups - Set of 4
Number: HIC48006
Price: $11.99
Original Flexible Chop Chop Cutting Mat
Number: HIC561
Price: $2.99
Joie Oink Oink Measuring Spoons - 5 piece
Number: HIC78938
Price: $4.99
Norpro Magnetic Teaspoon/Tablespoon Measuring Set
Number: NOR3065D
Price: $6.99
Norpro 1/2 C Glass Measuring Cup
Number: NOR420D
Price: $3.99
Norpro Mini Mortar & Pestle
Number: NOR691D
Price: $6.99
Norpro Grip-EZ Stainless Steel Scoop
Number: NOR70
Price: Starting at $4.00
OXO Small Cookie Scoop
Number: OXO1044083
Price: $13.99