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Fishing Line

Fishing Line

Your catch is only as good as the fishing line you use. Make sure you've got the type of fishing line you need when you're out on the lake or the ice. Choose from a great variety of colors and styles like braid and monofilament made specifically for the cold icy water. We've got them for you in clear, clear blue, smoke, and green.

While you browse through our ice fishing line you'll find many styles to choose from in several sizes and colors. The size determines what break strength your line has. When deciding what size to get it's good to know what species of fish you are trying to catch. You want your line heavy enough that you don't end up with "the fish that got away" (although it does make for a great story!) Keep in mind, however, that usually the lightest weight you can get away with gets you more bites. The heavier the line the more distracting it is to your fish from taking the bait.

Another important thing to remember when choosing fishing line is that quite often your rod and reel have suggested line strengths to use which is determined by the weight or action of the rod itself. A lightweight rod is going to need a lighter weight of line. Your medium heavy rod can use a stronger line, designed to catch larger fish. My favorite line I use is Trilene 6 lb when it comes to ice fishing. It works well for me! For more tips on getting ready for ice fishing check out my blog. Tell me what you think!

Maxxon Outfitters Fly Line Backing - Size 20
Product ID: B2050
Berkley Trilene® Gold 2 Lb. Ice Line
Product ID: CWPS2KG
Berkley Trilene® Gold 4 Lb. Ice Line
Product ID: CWPS4KG
Berkley Trilene® Gold 6 Lb. Ice Line
Product ID: CWPS6KG
Berkley Trilene® Gold 8 Lb. Ice Line
Product ID: CWPS8KG
Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline 2 Lb.
Product ID: FLIPS2CY
Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Krine
Product ID: FLIPS8-CY
Berkley FireLine Fused Micro Ice Fishing Line - Crystal
Berkley FireLine Fused Micro Ice Fishing Line - Smoke
Maxxon Outfitters Tapered Knotless Leader - 9ft
Product ID: LF5X9
Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Clear Steel Fishing Line - 110 yd
Product ID: MIPS
Starting at $3.69
Berkley Trilene® Micro Ice 2 Lb.
Product ID: MIPS2-66
Rio Mainstream Trout DT Lines
Product ID: RIODT
Rio Mainstream Gold Fly Lines
Starting at $49.99
Rio Mainstream Type 3 Full Sink Line
Product ID: RIOT3FS
Rio Mainstream Type 6 Full Sink Line
Product ID: RIOT6FS
Rio Mainstream Trout WF Line
Product ID: RIOWF
Rio Mainstream Sink Tip Line
Stren Original Hi-Vis Gold Monofilament - 6lbs
Product ID: SOFS6GD
Stren Original Clear Monofilament Line
Starting at $5.99
Stren Original Lo-Vis Green Monofilament Line
Starting at $6.99
Stren Original Clear Blue Fluorescent Monofilament Line
Starting at $2.99
Spiderwire Stealth Braid Fishing Line
Product ID: SPDRWR125
Starting at $12.99
Berkley® Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon Ice™ Line - 2lb
Product ID: TFIPS215
Berkley Vanish 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line - 110 yd
Product ID: VPS110
Berkley Trilene XL Super Strong Clear Fishing Line
Product ID: XLFS
Starting at $6.99
Berkley Trilene XL Super Strong Clear Fishing Line - 110 yd
Product ID: XLPS
Starting at $3.29