Schleich & Breyer


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2024 Hope Horse - Love & Hope
Number: BR62124
Price: $49.99
All About Horses Craft Kit
Number: BR4243
Price: $22.99
Atlanta Champ Standard Racing Mare
Number: BR1886
Price: $49.99
Beanie Ball Katy
Number: TY42558
Price: $3.99
Beanie Ball Moophy
Number: TY42556
Price: $3.99
Black Panther Beanie Baby
Number: TY45000
Price: $9.99
Black Stallion Horse & Book
Number: BR6181
Price: $29.99
Breyer Charm & Western Rider Gabi gift set
Number: BR61146
Price: $29.99
Breyer Colorful Horse Breeds Paint & Play
Number: BR4234
Price: $19.99
Breyer Fantasy Horse Paint & Play
Number: BR4235
Price: $19.99
Breyer Horse® Mane Beauty Styling Horse Head - Assorted Styles
Number: BR7401
Price: $19.99
Breyer Jewels Fighting Stallion
Number: BR1866
Price: $39.99
Breyer Mystery Horse Series 3
Number: BR6221
Price: $3.99
Breyer Paint & Wear Enamel Pins
Number: BR4240
Price: $10.00
Breyer Suncatcher Horse Paint & Play
Number: BR4237
Price: $17.99
Breyer Suncatcher Unicorn Paint & Play
Number: BR4238
Price: $14.99
Breyer Tractor & Tag-A-Long Wagon
Number: BR59238
Price: $19.99
Breyer Unicorn Family Paint & Play
Number: BR4262
Price: $9.99
Breyer Unicorn Puzzle
Number: BR8506
Price: $14.99
Breyer Unicorn Surprise Paint & Play
Number: BR4261
Price: $4.99
Breyer® 2023 Spectre Halloween Horse
Number: BR1876
Price: $59.99
Breyer® Buckeye Dressage Mule
Number: BR1816
Price: $46.99
Breyer® Cascade & Caspian Horse
Number: BR1818
Price: $39.99
Breyer® Catch Me Horse
Number: BR1806
Price: $49.99
Breyer® Harley Horse
Number: BR1805
Price: $39.99
Breyer® Holiday 2023 Christmas Tree Ornament - Artist Signature Ponies
Number: BR700827
Price: $2.00
Breyer® Holiday 2023 Christmas Tree Ornament - Charger Carousel
Number: BR700688
Price: $2.00
Breyer® Holiday 2023 Christmas Tree Ornament - Highlander Stirrup
Number: BR700324
Price: $2.00
Breyer® Holiday 2023 Christmas Tree Ornament - Polo Playing Santa
Number: BR700689
Price: $2.00
Breyer® Holiday 2023 Christmas Tree Ornament - Tennessee Walking Horse
Number: BR700524
Price: $2.00
Breyer® Mini Whinnies Horse Surprise #2
Number: BR300202
Price: $3.49
Breyer® Pintos & Palominos Gift Set
Number: BR6226
Price: $15.99
Breyer® Unicorn Swirl Gift Set
Number: BR6912
Price: $16.99
Breyer® Vivaldi De Besilu Stallion
Number: BR1860
Price: $39.99
Breyer® Winx Racehorse
Number: BR1828
Price: $49.99
Captain America Beanie Baby
Number: TY45002
Price: $9.99
Cossaco Lusitano
Number: BR1885
Price: $46.99
Encore & Tor Mustang Gift Set
Number: BR1840
Price: $59.99
Equidae horse
Number: BR1849
Price: $39.99
Ethel Beanie Boo
Number: TY37345
Price: $5.99
Fisher Beanie Boos
Number: TY37322
Price: $5.99
Garland Beanie Boos
Number: TY37317
Price: $5.99
Hulk Beanie Baby
Number: TY44004
Price: $5.99
Ideal Series Pony Of Americas
Number: BR1883
Price: $44.99
Jet & English Rider Charlotte
Number: BR61145
Price: $29.99
Keep The Peace
Number: BR62067
Price: $24.99
Kirra Blue Cat Squish 14"
Number: TY39335
Price: $9.99
Kiwi Beanie Ball
Number: TY42553
Price: $3.99
Legend Kentucky Horse Police Horse
Number: BR1884
Price: $49.99
Melissa and Doug® Bag of Bugs
Number: MD6060
Price: $9.99
Meringue Beanie Bellies
Number: TY41295
Price: $5.99
Mini Whinnies Horse Surprise #4
Number: BR300201
Price: $3.49
Neptune Unicorn Stallion
Number: BRBTR10013
Price: $59.99
Obsidian Unicorn Stallion
Number: BR1841
Price: $59.99
Peaches Beanie Bellies
Number: TY41296
Price: $5.99
Pinky Squish A Boo
Number: TY39204
Price: $9.99
Puka Creations Dinosaur Touch Light Eggs
Number: PUK57120
Price: $3.99
Schleich Female Cheetah
Number: SCH14746
Price: $7.99
Schleich Female Girrafe
Number: SCH14750
Price: $8.99
Schleich Female Labrador Retriever
Number: SCH13834
Price: $5.99
Schleich Fire Bull
Number: SCH42493
Price: $5.99
Schleich Fire Eagle
Number: SCH42511
Price: $24.99
Schleich Flower Dragon with Baby
Number: SCH70592
Price: $19.99
Schleich Flower Unicorn Foal
Number: SCH70591
Price: $5.99
Schleich French Bulldog
Number: SCH13877
Price: $4.99
Schleich Frisian Mare
Number: SCH13906
Price: $8.99
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