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Emergency Preparedness & Survival Gear

Emergency Preparedness & Survival Gear

Is your family prepared? Get ready for any situation with survival gear and emergency preparedness supplies hand-picked by the experts at Smith & Edwards. We've been around since 1947, so we know what it takes!

Jean packs all our 72-hour kits herself based on the time-tested lists she keeps of necessary emergency items. And MV's the expert on equipment and ways to keep warm out in the elements - a hunter, he has to know how to stay warm. With help from Blaine in Paracord, we've got you covered.

Water, wind, fire, car trouble, earthquakes, and the unpredictable - it could happen, and you'll be prepared with your emergency gear from Smith & Edwards.

About Emergency Prep at Smith & Edwards

We've combed our store to find the best survival products - 4 of our in-store experts collaborated to build this selection of Emergency Preparedness supplies so that no matter the situation - flood, fire, tornado, snowstorm, hiking, power outage, flat tire on a snowy mountain pass, or zombie apocalypse, you'll have the supplies to survive.

You'll find individual supplies and refills as well as 72 hour kits assembled and ready to go. Not sure what goes into a 72 hour kit? Don't worry! We have all the stuff to make your own. We're an industry leader in emergency preparedness. Does your church, school, local community, business, or other large group want to put together some emergency preparedness kits? We can help you out.

From First Aid Kits to Food Storage supplies & equipment, you'll find everything you need to prepare yourself and your household for anything.

Camping buyer Mike Vause and Accessories buyer Jean Dimick collaborated to create the Survival department - and they know what you need, because they use these kits themselves!
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