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Emergency Lighting and Flashlights

Emergency Lighting and Flashlights

Light your way to safety with these emergency lights and lanterns. Stock your bail-out bag or emergency kit with LED flashlights, headband lights, and don't forget about lanterns! Great in any emergency situation, from blackouts to late-night tire changes, you'll have a back-up light to rely on.

Light your way through the storm, along the highway, or just down to the braker with these emergency lanterns and flashlights from Smith & Edwards. We've got your emergency lighting needs: battery-powered or solar-powered, even Cyalume Glow Sticks that power themselves, all these emergency lights are portable and easy to store in your kit. Plus, you'll find emergency candles here that are great for warmth as well as light. You'll round out a very important component of your emergency gear with these lighting essentials.

Here's a DIY emergency lighting  idea: take an emergency candle or two, place them in a wide mouth pint or quart  Mason jar with some matches or a lighter, and then screw on a plastic lid to keep the kit together. Now when the lights go out, you've got a candleholder and heat source for warming your food.

Survive Outdoors Longer® Phoenix Survival Tool
Product ID: 0140-0838
Primus Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker Rechargeable LED Lantern
Primus Express Stove with Piezo Ignition
Product ID: P-321473
Primus Profile 2-Burner Camp Stove
Product ID: P-329085
Primus 1.8L Eta Pot
Product ID: P-737400
Primus Primetech Pot 1L
Product ID: PRI737934
Coleman® Glass Lantern Globe
Product ID: R690B051
Coleman® 70+ Hour Citronella Outdoor Candle Lantern
Product ID: WPC07708