Horse Leg Boots

Protect your horse from injury with skid boots! His hind legs will be safe with leather skid boots. We have fair prices and shipping starts at just $3.95 for up to 1 pound, so it won't cost you much to get your horse new skid boots for his fetlocks. Choose the style that fits your needs best!


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Toklat Quilted Shipping Boot - 16"
Number: 24-176
Price: $42.99
Roper Skid Boots with Neoprene Pad
Number: 250-14
Price: $57.99
OxBow Skid Boots
Number: 250866
Price: $77.99
Castle Plastics Plastic Hoof Pad
Number: 66HP
Price: $4.99
Leather Hoof Pads
Number: 67SCS
Price: $3.99
Oxbow Splint Leather Boots with Buckles
Number: 883166
Price: $86.99
Professional's Choice Quick-Wrap Bell Boots
Number: BB10QW
Price: Starting at $42.99
Professional's Choice Ballistic Overreach Boots
Number: BB25
Price: Starting at $30.99
Professional's Choice Secure-Fit Glitter Overreach Boots
Number: BB35GLI
Price: Starting at $19.99
Professional's Choice Pull On Rubber Bell Boots
Number: BBR10
Price: Starting at $11.99
Easyboot - Choose your Size
Number: EZB
Price: Starting at $66.99
Easyboot Back Country - Choose your Size
Number: EZBC
Price: Starting at $112.99
Price: $105.99
Easyboot Epic - Choose your Size
Number: EZEPIC
Price: Starting at $102.99
EasySoaker - Choose your Size
Number: EZSB
Price: $44.99
Price: $97.99
Horse-Craft Large Pull-On Bell Boots - Pack of 2
Number: HC130L
Price: $19.99
Horse-Craft Medium Pull-On Bell Boots - Pack of 2
Number: HC130M
Price: $19.99
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