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Trail Riding Gear & Pack Equipment

Trail Riding Gear & Pack Equipment

Utah is one of the best states for trail riding thanks to the majestic views and public trails all through the Western landscape. Being horse people ourselves, we know what it takes to ride a trail on horseback, or assist hunters packing that elk out of a canyon. Discover a wide selection of trail riding gear here - much of it made right here at Smith & Edwards - and keep reading for trail riding tips!

Marty and his people know just about everything there is to know about the gear you need for farming, ranching, trail riding and packing, and rodeo.... Ask us if you need anything!

Packing vs Horseback Trail Riding

When you're getting the gear you need to hit the trail, think about what you're going to use. You'll find some great pack saddles and pack bags here for a nice day trip, that will be perfect for a trail ride. Nothing too big that will overload your horse.

If you're going for longer, we have nice large pack bags and boxes that will hold the odds 'n ends that come along with a week-long trip out in the country or accompanying your lucky hunting buddies, packing out quarters or a nice trophy deer mount. We've got several guys here working in our tack workshop making iron cloth pack bags that will hold up to the harshest conditions and the heaviest loads... trust us, we've put them to the test!

That being said, don't forget all the necessities for a campout: clothes, bed roll, rain gear, food, headlamps, water purifiers, TP, camera, a way to charge your phone, wipes, meds, and of course a coffee pot.

Trail Riding Safety Tips

To make the best of your trip, a little preparation means no worries and a lot less headache. Make sure and check both your trailer and your tack before you head out. Pay special attention to cinches, stirrups, and your horse's shoes. That way you won't have a surprise on the trail.

Bring more water than you think you'll need, and make sure to bring an energy bar or snacks. Keep a first aid kit with you on your saddle or on your body so you can treat little cuts and accidents without having to search for wipes or bandages. Plus, remember ointment, a spare boot, and supplies for your horse. Luckily much of what's in a first aid kit can work for your horse, too!

Take a friend with you when you go trail riding - it makes it more fun, plus it's a good idea for safety. You're less likely to get lost or turned around with a companion... although you may lose track of time faster with them! Better yet, join up with a riding club or a service organization like the Back Country Horsemen and log more hours on your favorite trails. The more familiar you are with trails, the more you can be aware of downed trees, holes, and other hazards that can affect you and your fellow riders.

Bring a saw, pocketknife, or multitool, plus duct tape for repairs and fixes on the trail. You'll never need it till you need it... if you get in a pinch you can always make a fix with a wild rag!

Lastly, it should be common sense: always try to stay on the trail.

Horse Trails to Ride in Utah

Where should you go if you're looking for backcountry trails in Utah? In southern Utah the trails by Bryce Canyon are breathtaking. Up in our neck of the woods, in northern Utah, there are trails in the Uintas as well as along the Wasatch Front that are beautiful pieces of wilderness you have to see. And by the way, click here and stop by the Back Country Horsemen of Utah, they've got a great Facebook page and always have neat events on their calendar. Tell 'em we sent ya!

Marty's been with Smith & Edwards for over 20 years. He keeps everything in-stock that you need for trail riding and packing for hunting. In fact, a lot of the pack bags and gear is made here in our tack workshop - even bedrolls. Marty aims to have everything you need for a day trip or a week journey.
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