Whether you're looking for a gift or your next knife to take hunting, you'll find dozens of reliable knives that hold their edge from brands you trust like Gerber, Kershaw, and Buck Knives. Choose from fixed-blade hunting knives or folding, and you'll also find oil, sharpening stones, and replacement blades.


Folding Knives

Folding Knives

The convenience of a knife in the moment you need it… right in your pocket. Check out all the styles and colors we have in pocket knives right here and all from favorite brands like Wicked Tree Gear, Taylor Brand, Kershaw, and Buck Knives. For knife-necessary tasks in the spur-of-the-moment, have your pocket knife there and ready.

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Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

You need a knife right away? These fixed blade knives are convenient and right there at a hand's reach when you need them. You can have them attached by the sheath to your belt. No fumbling with opening a folding knife when you're on the hunt; take your nice fixed knife from Buck Knives, Taylor Brand, Kershaw, and Smith and Wesson. Perfect for skinning and common hunting tasks when easy access to a knife is necessary.

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Axes, Saws, & Machetes

Axes, Saws, & Machetes

Whether you're building a car emergency kit or a bail-out bag, you'll be glad you packed an emergency axe from Smith & Edwards with you. You'll also find saws and machetes here, for hunting & backpacking. These aren't toys, these are sturdy tools you can depend on to clear debris blocking the road, prepare a campsite for the night, and erect a shelter.

A compact emergency axe or hatchet may seem too small to do the job, but take our word for it - it'll do the job for you. The small size makes these axes great choices - they'll fit in small bail-out bags and backpacks, while still giving you the leverage you need to chop through obstacles and firewood. Grippy and ideal for small jobs, these hatchets are a must-have for your survival room or emergency preparedness kits.

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Knife Maintenance Tools

Knife Maintenance Tools

After all those hunting trips you take every weekend, you've gotta keep your gear in tip-top shape. Knives must be clean and sharp, ready for the next use. Sharpening tools and replacement blades are a must have in knife maintenance. Even portable sharpeners for sharpening on the go!

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Buck Knives® Folding Hunter® Auto Knife
Number: 0110BRSA
Price: $189.99
Buck Knives® Folding Ranger® Auto Knife
Number: 0112BRSAB
Price: $179.99
Buck Knives® Limited Edition PakLite® Trophy Kit
Number: 0141BKSVP2
Price: $39.99
Buck Knives® Bantam BBW Knife - Mossy Oak Country Camo
Number: 0284CMS24B
Price: $24.99
Buck Knives® Bantam BBW Knife - Orange Blaze
Number: 0284CMS9
Price: $19.99
Buck Knives® Cadet Folding Knife - Rosewood
Number: 0303RWS
Price: $54.99
Buck Knives® Folding Colleague Knife
Number: 0325SSS
Price: $16.99
Buck Knives® Stockman Wood-Grain Knife
Number: 0371BRS-B
Price: $27.99
Buck Knives® Trapper Knife
Number: 0382BRS-B
Price: $24.99
Buck Knives® Buck Ops Boot Knife
Number: 0616BKS-B
Price: $109.99
Buck Knives® Fixed Large Pursuit Knife
Number: 0657GRGB
Price: $69.99
Buck Knives® Folding Large Pursuit Knife
Number: 0659GRSB
Price: $69.99
Buck Knives® Small Folding Selkirk Knife
Number: 0835BRSB
Price: $39.99
Buck Knives® Folding Sprint Select Knife - Olive Drab
Number: 0840GRSB
Price: $57.99
Old Timer® Pioneer Pocket Knife
Number: 123OT
Price: $21.99
Kershaw® Cryo Knife
Number: 1555TI
Price: $39.99
Old Timer® Mighty Mite Lockblade Pocket Knife
Number: 180T
Price: $11.99
Gerber® Paraframe I Serrated Knife
Number: 22-48443
Price: $24.99
Gerber® Paraframe Mini Serrated Knife
Number: 22-48484
Price: $11.99
Gerber® Randy Newberg EBS Exchangeable Hunting Knife with 3 Blades
Number: 30001762
Price: $59.99
Old Timer® Bearhead Lockback Pocket Knife
Number: 30T
Price: $14.99
Gerber® Vital Folding Pocket Knife
Number: 31002736
Price: $39.99
Gerber® Vital Replacement Blades - 12 Pack
Number: 31002739
Price: $16.99
Gerber Knives® Suspension NXT/Paraframe Combo
Number: 31003851
Price: $39.99
Gerber Knives® Devour + Tri-Tip + Sage Bandana Combo Pack
Number: 31004025
Price: $34.99
Old Timer® Middleman Jack Pocket Knife
Number: 330T
Price: $15.99
Old Timer® Middleman Pocket Knife
Number: 340T
Price: $18.99
Old Timer® Dog Leg Jack Pocket Knife
Number: 720T
Price: $10.00
Old Timer® Senior Pocket Knife
Number: 80T
Price: $21.99
5ive Star Gear® Survival Paracord Knife - Orange
Number: ATL5654
Price: $14.99
Smith & Edwards Large Leather Ax Cover
Number: AXL
Price: $14.99
Smith & Edwards Small Leather Ax Cover
Number: AXS
Price: $13.99
BTI Tools® Uncle Henry Fixed/Folder Combo with Flask
Number: BAT1130112
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - United
Number: BB-112
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Laugh
Number: BB101
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Happy
Number: BB102
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Faith
Number: BB103
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Hope
Number: BB104
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Dream
Number: BB105
Price: $24.99
Brighten Blades® Inspirational Knives and Case - Resilient
Number: BB106
Price: $24.99
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