Ladies' Spurs

Whether you are barrel racing, working the ranch, or just want a good lookin' pair of ladies spurs, you'll find what you need right here. These women's spurs are perfect for smaller feet, often times an ideal size for youth, too, who are growing but not quite ready for a full size pair. Grab yourself a nice set of leather spur straps to go with them, many of which are made right here in our Smith and Edwards tack shop.



Ladies' Diamond & Dot Rhinestone Spurs
Number: 238455
Price: $40.99
Ladies' Antique Finish Rope Edge Spurs
Number: 230124
Price: $31.99
Bob Avila Lady Floral Spurs
Number: AVSP-303
Price: $74.99
Bob Avila Medium Shank Floral Spurs
Number: AVSP-400
Price: $74.99
Bob Avila Short Shank Floral Spurs
Number: AVSP-401
Price: $65.99
Professional's Choice Floral Copper Dot Spurs
Number: PCSP500
Price: $66.99
Professional's Choice Floral Bumper Spurs
Number: PCSP-700
Price: $47.99
Professional's Choice Floral Ball Spurs
Number: PCSP-702
Price: $51.99
Partrade Stainless Steel 1/2" Band Ladies Spur
Number: 258320
Price: $31.99
Oxbow Tack Floral Spur Stirrups With Black Background
Number: 128168
Price: $36.99
Oxbow Tack Breast Collar With Metallic Whipstitch
Number: 123692
Price: $115.99
Partrade Antique Lady Spur Diamond & Dot
Number: 238455
Price: $40.99
Ladies' Black Satin Roping Spurs
Number: 257390
Price: $26.99
Ladies' Engraved Rock Grinder Spurs
Number: 257369
Price: $62.99
Ladies' Black Rope Trim Spurs
Number: 257778
Price: $49.99
Ladies' All Around Economy  Spurs
Number: 258312
Price: $26.99
Ladies' Engraved Stainless Steel Spurs
Number: 258318
Price: $31.99
Ladies' Black Bumper Spurs with Rowels
Number: 258781
Price: $26.99
Ladies' Twisted Rope Spurs
Number: 258861
Price: $35.99
Ladies' All Around Performer Spurs
Number: 276805
Price: $44.99
Ladies' Antique Finish Copper Rhinestone Spurs
Number: 287166
Price: $35.99
Ladies' Black Bumper Spurs
Number: 258782
Price: $26.99
Ladies' Quick On Bumper Barrel Racing Spurs
Number: 258780
Price: $17.99