Camp Chairs & Tables

Camp chairs are perfect for kicking back aside a calm lake waiting for the fish to bite, or in front of the crackling fire pit. We also have camping/folding tables which are perfect for serving up breakfast in the mountains first thing in the morning.

Find the perfect portable chair for game night, hunting, or camping. Shop our selection of lightweight and portable chairs with many different style options so you find just the right fit for the occasion. Alps weekender seats are perfect for games, concerts in the park, or movies under the stars. Lightweight and easy to fold and carry, you can bring comfort to every outdoor event.

Timber Ridge has high quality and durable chairs for the hunter in your life. with options such as a storage compartment or tripod fold design, you will be prepared to take on any game. for even more camouflage shop our dinnerware collection and men's, women's, and kid's camo!


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Pacific Crest Pack Lite Chair
Number: 7789S
Price: $39.99
Caravan Sports Anti Gravity Chair - Gray
Number: 8000900012
Price: $49.99
Caravan Sports Anti Gravity Chair - Beige
Number: 8000900015
Price: $49.99
Alps Outdoorz® King Kong Quad Camp Chair - Realtree Edge
Number: 8411015
Price: $79.99
Alps Mountaineering Weekender Portable Seat
Number: ALP6811012
Price: $14.99
Alps Mountaineering Weekender Seat - Rust Orange
Number: ALP6811095
Price: $14.99
Alps Mountaineering® Simmer Folding Chair - Salsa
Number: ALP8011044
Price: $39.99
Alps Mountaineering® Simmer Folding Chair - Citrus
Number: ALP8011060
Price: $39.99
Alps Mountaineering Camp Chair - Blue
Number: ALP8111102
Price: $59.99
Alps Mountaineering® Folding Rocking Chair - Black and Grey
Number: ALP8116711
Price: $79.99
Alps Mountaineering® Folding Bungee Chair - Black
Number: ALP8117811
Price: $49.99
Pacific Crest Lay-Z Lounger Gravity Chair - Gray
Number: ALP8121111
Price: $64.99
ALPS Mountaineering® Getaway Chair Blue Mesh
Number: ALP8143503
Price: $49.99
Alps OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Stool in Realtree Xtra Camo
Number: ALP8410001
Price: $18.99
Browning® Camping Grizzly Chair
Number: ALP8518114
Price: $59.99
Browning® ® Collapsible Rocking Cabin Chair
Number: ALP8522014
Price: $39.99
Browning®  Camping Directors Chair XT
Number: ALP8532121
Price: $89.99
Alps OutdoorZ Delta™ Waterfowl Boat Chair
Number: ALP9200233
Price: $54.99
Alps Mountaineering Ready Lite Low Chair
Number: ALPS8011033
Price: $59.99
Alpine Mountain Gear® Hard Arm Chair - Brown
Price: $39.99
Alpine Mountain Gear® Hard Arm Chair - Green
Price: $39.99
Alpine Mountain Gear Tripod Stool Camp Chair - Blue
Price: $9.99
Clam Folding Tripod Chair
Number: CLAM9577
Price: $24.99
Angler Outdoor Products Multi-Use Outdoor Table
Number: FOT18500
Price: $59.99
Stansport Folding Camp Stool
Number: G-613-S
Price: $19.99
Stansport® Apex Fold-Up Stool
Number: G140
Price: $19.99
Cascade Mountain Tech® Compact Outdoor Chair
Number: LPS-BK
Price: $39.99
Purple™ Everywhere Seat Cushion
Number: PSCEWP
Price: $39.99
Royal Purple®  No Pressure Seat Cushion 2"
Number: PSCRYL
Price: $69.99
Royal Purple®  No Pressure Seat Cushion 1.25"
Number: PSCSMP
Price: $54.99
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