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Horse Liniments & Ointments

Horse Liniments & Ointments

Your horse is a valuable asset but he's more than that, he's part of the family. Not only do you want to have horse pain reliever and Co-Flex wrap on hand for his aches and pains but you want to help him on his healing process back to great health too. DMSO for horses and Mane 'n Tail's Hoofmaker are 2 great products that will help him feel his best.

There's nothing worse than having someone you love get hurt and not being able to do anything about it. Having CoFlex wrap and DMSO for horses on hand assures you will be ready for quick action. Your horse pain reliever not only helps with aches and pains but actually stimulates the healing of most injuries.

Another way to help your horse look and feel his best is by using Mane 'n Tail's Hoofmaker for strong and flexible hooves. This handy product has an exclusive formula that reduces dry and brittle hooves by conditioning and strengthening them without being sticky or greasy. You may also want to check out our horse shampoo and conditioner that not only protects him from the harmful conditions of the environment but leaves his mane and tail soft, shiny, healthy, and beautiful.

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Veterinary Cloth Adhesive Tape - Box of 8
Product ID: 2405BOX
CoFlex Vet 4" Animal Bandages
Product ID: 3400
CoFlex Vet 2" Animal Bandages
Product ID: 3400-2
Andover™ PetFlex Woodland Camouflage - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PCM
Andover™ PetFlex Camouflage Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PCMCP
Andover™ PowerFlex Equine Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PEP
Andover™ PetFlex Farm Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PFP
Andover™ PowerFlex Horse-Shoe Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PHS
Andover™ PetFlex Paw Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PPC
Andover™ PetFlex Paw Print - 4"
Product ID: 3400-PPW
Andover™ PetFlex Camouflage Print - 2"
Product ID: 3400P-2CMCP
Andover™ PetFlex Farm Print - 2"
Product ID: 3400P-2FP
Andover™ PetFlex Paw Print - 2"
Product ID: 3400P-2PC
Mustang Manufacturing No Bow Bandages
Product ID: 8420-14
Mustang Manufacturing Polo Wraps - 4 Pack
Product ID: 8440
Starting at $7.00
Mustad Tuff Stuff
Product ID: 90001W
Mustad Thrush Buster
Product ID: 90010W
Absorbine Botanicals Massage Foam
Product ID: ABMF
Absorbine Bigeloil Liquid Gel - 14 Oz.
Product ID: ABO-GEL
Absorbine Bigeloil Liniment - 16 Oz.
Product ID: ABO-PT
Absorbine Bigeloil Liniment - 32 Oz.
Product ID: ABO-QT
Absorbine Cooldown After Workout Liquid
Product ID: ACD-QT
Absorbine Fungasol® Spray
Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide - gallon
Product ID: AFX-GAL
Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide - 32 oz.
Product ID: AFX-QT
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