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Western Horse Tack, Rodeo, & Livestock Supply

Western Horse Tack, Rodeo, & Livestock Supply

Whether you're shopping for you, your horse, or that special someone, Smith and Edwards' Western Store has what you need. And in fact, we make a lot of this horse tack, including headstalls and spur straps, so you know we'll take care you get the horse accessories you need.

Browse around and find everything you'll want for your horse and riding adventures, including saddles, pads, bits, spurs, leather supplies, horseshoes, tools, and horse grooming supplies.

All of this as well as quality crafted pack equipment and leather goods made right in the Smith and Edwards store by our master leather craftsmen. Many top brands to choose from, all at "Country Boy" pricing.

Marty's been with Smith & Edwards for over 20 years. Marty makes his own leather goods when he's not at work, and at work he runs the Tack Workshop in-store.
Marty and his people know just about everything there is to know about the gear you need for farming, ranching, trail riding and packing, and rodeo... Ask us if you need anything!.
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