Yellowstone gloves have been one of our top-selling items as long as we've been online - and we've carried Yellowstone Gloves at Smith & Edwards for well over 40 years! Made in Idaho, we carry elkskin, buckskin, and gemsbok gloves from Rocky Mountain Gloves - our customers tell us these gloves hold up 3 times as long as cheaper gloves. Yellowstone gloves are made from elk hides bought from local hunters, and they stand up to barbed wire like no other.

We fill large orders too, please contact us if you need more than we have on hand.


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Grain Elkskin Form-Fitting Yellowstone Gloves
Number: YG549E
Price: $35.99
White Eagle Goatskin Palm Mechanics Gloves
Number: YG2153
Price: $17.99
Winter Hawk Deerskin Gloves
Number: YG2150H
Price: Starting at $23.99
Golden Eagle Deerskin Palm Mechanics Gloves
Number: YG2150A
Price: $21.99
Pile Lined Cowhide Gloves
Number: YG1220PS
Price: $7.99
Super Soft Deerskin Gloves
Number: WL962
Price: $24.99
Kids' Suede Cowhide Leather Work Gloves
Number: WL952M
Price: $5.99
Wells Lamont® Nitrile Coated Gloves
Number: WL546F
Price: $3.99
Wells Lamont® Kids Nitrile Coated Polyester Gloves
Number: WL522Y
Price: $2.49
Wells Lamont® Youth Standard Jersey
Number: WL508C
Price: $0.99
Wells Lamont® Kids Nitrile Coated Polyester Gloves
Number: WL468Y
Price: $2.49
Wells Lamont® Neoprene Coated Knit Wrist Chemical Gloves
Number: WL190
Price: $8.99
Wells Lamont® Latex Coated Knit Gloves
Number: WL133-F
Price: $5.99
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