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Livestock Care & Grooming

Livestock Care & Grooming

Horse grooming is an important part of horse care. Not only does it make your horse look and feel his best but it keeps him healthier and more comfortable too. Check out our selection of horse care supplies that will make your job easier and with great results.

Horse care is essential in maintaining and even improving the health and quality of your horse. Not all horse grooming supplies are created equal so we offer what we know works well and use for our own horses.

Protect your horse with quality leather skid boots that will keep him safe when he exercises and competes. If he does happen to get hurt, be sure you've got some helpful pain reliever like DMSO on hand that not only helps with the pain, but acts as a stimulant in healing as well. The best thing you can do to for optimal health for your horse is consistent horse grooming. It can prevent potential problems like chafing and itching while giving your horse a healthy, beautiful sheen. Now reward yourself and your horse with some great new tack, some of which is made right here in our Smith and Edwards workshop!

Partrade Deluxe Sweat Scraper
Product ID: 244580
Partrade Plastic Sweat Scraper
Product ID: 244581
Partrade Ultra Slow Feeder Hay Net
Product ID: 257460
Partrade Neoprene Tail Proctector
Product ID: 257870
Mustang Quilted Leg Wrap
Product ID: 8410SCS
Starting at $17.99