Emergency Blankets

You can't afford not to have space blankets in your emergency kit! Whether you're building a car kit or a 72-hour kit, keep a few of these handy - at least one for each person - because who knows when the power goes out or the road closes. You'll be warm and safe with an emergency blanket or heat bag from Smith & Edwards.

Use the trusty double-sided survival blanket to shield yourself from the elements and increase your body heat. You can also use it as a sleeping pad with your sleeping bag - some would say it's more important to have a pad like this to provide warmth underneath your sleeping bag, than to have a covering over your head, in an emergency situation at night. The emergency heat bag here can function as a makeshift bivouac sack minus the sleeping bag: wrap yourself in the survival bag, and it will help you retain heat, shielding you from wind and rain.

Did you know? Blankets aren't just for heat! You can also use a space blanket to provide shade. If you're trapped in a hot, sunny environment waiting for help, you can open up a blanket to create shade, reflecting the sunlight away from your group.



Emergency Blanket
Number: 8235
Price: $2.99
5ive Star Gear™ Warm-N-Dry Blanket - Mulch Brown
Number: ATL4923000
Price: $69.99
McGuire Gear® Camping or Emergency Wool Blankets
Number: BK-260
Price: $24.99
SE® 84" x 36" Bronze Heavy Duty Emergency Aluminized PE Sleeping Bag
Number: SEEB122BR
Price: $8.99
SE® 84" x 36" Camo Heavy Duty Emergency Aluminized PE Sleeping Bag
Number: SEEB122CF
Price: $8.99
SE® Emergency Sleeping Blanket - 52 in. x 82 in.
Number: SEEB1310
Price: $1.39
TexSport Emergency Blanket 84 Inch x 52 Inch
Number: TEX15300
Price: $1.99