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Head Lamps

Head Lamps

Candles and glowsticks are nice, but when you need to light your way out of a serious situation - a cave, a basement, or woods - you want the dependability and brightness of an LED flashlight to guide you out of the darkness. Or, take the hands-free approach and try our new favorite, the LED/Xenon Head Lamp, which has 3 different lighting methods. These emergency flashlights won't let you down.

Your 72-hour kit needs one of these flashlights! And so does your roadside emergency kit. Make sure you've got enough light to go around when you're creating your disaster preparedness strategy. Ideally you want a light for each person in your family, so no one is left in the dark. Remember to pack batteries, too.

These are also excellent flashlights to take with you camping, or to keep in the kitchen or bedroom in case the power goes out. These flashlights have a lot of functionality and will hold up to any adventure or situation you take them on.

Dorcy® 25 Lumen LED Headlamp
Product ID: 3251659
ACE® 13.5 Lumen LED Cap Light
Product ID: 3251691
Coast® 175 Lumen LED Headlamp
Product ID: 3414638
Energizer® LED Book Light
Product ID: 3415684
Rayovac® Indestructable LED Headlamp
Product ID: 3416930
Coast® 144 Lumen Headlamp
Product ID: 3508736
Life Gear 4-in-1 Power Failure Fire Safety Night Light
Product ID: 3514833
Coast® 100 Lumen LED Headlamp
Product ID: 3526811
Energizer® Vision Headlamp 80 Lumens
Product ID: 3529740
Energizer® Vision HD + 200 Lumen Headlamp
Product ID: 3529757
Energizer® Vision HD + Focus 250 Lumen Headlamp
Product ID: 3529765
Energizer® Vision HD 150 Lumen LED Headlamp
Product ID: 3529773
Dorcy 28 Lumen Headlamp
Product ID: 41-2099
Petzl® Tikkina Headlamp - Pick your Color
Product ID: E91HF
Starting at $19.99
Tikka + Headlamp
Product ID: E97HMA
Inova STS Headlamp Blue
Product ID: HLSA-03-R7
Inova STS Headlamp Charcoal
Product ID: HLSA-09-R7
Inova STS Headlamp Orange
Product ID: HLSA-19-R7
Lux Pro® LED Flashlight Max 6A LXII
Product ID: LP1200
Lux Pro 330 Headlamp - 130 Lumens
Product ID: LP330
Stansport 800 Lumen Lantern with SMD Bulb
Product ID: ST105-800
Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp - Black
Product ID: VIZZ205-BK
Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp - Green
Product ID: VIZZ205-GR