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Horse Saddle Bags and Panniers

Horse Saddle Bags and Panniers

Pack bags are Smith & Edwards' specialty! We make panniers, slings, and boxes for packing out elk quarters; packing in Dutch ovens and water to camp; and pack saddles for your wall tent. Pack saddle bags, horse tack, and much more - all for you at

We've made Western trail riding & packing gear since 1979 and now you can get it delivered to your doorstep. Click here to shop all Trail Riding & Packing supplies.

You'll find a huge array of horse packing bags here at Smith & Edwards, and most of these we design and make ourselves, here in our tack workshop! A lot of these are designed by our own guys and gals who go out and bring back ideas that they'd like for their next trip to the Uintas, our local range of the Rocky Mountains. Or what would have been handy on the big elk trip.

We update our bag designs every so often because we get better ideas on how to hide seams or reinforce construction. We favor the "ironweave" nylon material: it's much stronger than canvas, and it won't mildew or rot. Plus, you can just hose it out after your trip and let it air dry. See the comparison below:

Tip: Using Ironcloth vs Canvas for trail riding & packing

When you're choosing pack bags, should you get canvas or ironcloth? Both work well and have their place. Here's a quick comparison: 



  • Traditional
  • Can be waterproofed (so canvas is great for manties)
  • Can fold up real compact


  •  Has to be thoroughly washed and dried to avoid mildew & rot (& smell!)
Ironcloth, also called
ironweave or bearcloth
  • Won't get moldy or mildew
  • Tear-resistant
  • If you're packing while hunting, you clean off blood & dirt just by hosing it down
(These reasons are why we use a lot of ironcloth in the pack bags we make!)

  • Not waterproof
Smith & Edwards Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Bags - Black
Product ID: 19226B
Smith & Edwards Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Bags - Brown
Product ID: 19226W
Smith & Edwards Canvas Saddle Bags
Product ID: 19227W
Smith & Edwards Heavy Duty Nylon Cantle Bag
Product ID: 52W
Smith & Edwards Canvas Cantle Bag
Product ID: 53
Smith & Edwards Burgundy Latigo Leather Saddle Bags
Product ID: 545
Smith & Edwards Tapered Utah-Style Pack Bag
Product ID: 661
Smith & Edwards Square Utah-Style Pack Bag
Product ID: 662
Smith & Edwards Burgundy Chap Leather Saddle Bags - Large
Product ID: C545
Smith & Edwards Burgundy Chap Leather Saddle Bags - Small
Product ID: C546