First Aid Supplies

Perfect for the car, your outdoor bag, or keeping in the bathroom cabinet, you'll find the exact first aid supplies you need here. From bandages and swabs to hot and cold packs and kits, you'll be prepared for patching up any minor scrapes or bumps.

Get a pre-assembled first aid kit, or make your own with this selection of first aid kit supplies. You'll find a huge assortment and be able to pick the supplies you want to have on hand. You can never have too much gauze or too many band-aids! The finest first aid supplies online, all in one spot and at a great value.



Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Blister Dressings
Number: 0155-0400
Price: $5.99
Big Rock Sports Blister Medic
Number: 0155-0667
Price: $9.99
Adventure Medical Kits® Trauma Pack with QuikClot
Number: 2064-0293
Price: $49.99
3M Tekk Protection™ N95 Cool Flow Particulate Face Mask with Valve - Pack of 2
Number: 2294833
Price: $10.99
Superior Tool Emergency Gas Shut-Off Wrench
Number: 4008801
Price: $8.59
Big Rock Sports QuikClot Sport 25 g
Number: 5020-0001
Price: $12.99
Elite Sutures - Size 3/0
Number: EFA3003/0
Price: $2.99
Elite Scalpel Blade #10
Number: EFA322
Price: $0.49
Elite Scalpel Blade #11
Number: EFA322#11
Price: $0.49
Oasis Disposable Skin Stapler
Number: EFA39392
Price: $18.99
Mr. Heater® 2-Pack Hand Warmers
Number: F235011
Price: $0.99
Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding
Number: LM14800
Price: $4.99
 NFL Band-Aids
Number: MRSNFL
Price: $1.99
Survival Manual
Number: SCHBK093
Price: $6.99
First Aid For Soldiers Manual
Number: SCHBK138
Price: $6.99
6" Utility Cutter - Assorted Colors
Number: SE30112UC
Price: $0.79
12" Stainless Steel Tweezer
Number: SE513TW
Price: $3.39
3.5" Splinter Tweezers
Number: SE516TW
Price: $0.99
4.5" Bent Tip Splinter Tweezers
Number: SE519TW-P
Price: $1.29
10" Straight Forceps
Number: SE610FS
Price: $3.99
10" Curved Forceps
Number: SE611FC
Price: $3.99
12" Straight Forceps
Number: SE612FS
Price: $5.99
5" Gold Curved Forceps
Number: SE653GFC
Price: $2.99
5.5" Straight Forceps
Number: SE655FS
Price: $1.99
8" Curved Forceps
Number: SE681FC
Price: $3.99
24" Telescopic Round Mirror
Number: SE801TM
Price: $2.99
SE® Illuminated Handheld Magnifier
Number: SEMD375L
Price: $3.99
SE® Illuminated Dual Lens Flip-In Head Magnifier
Number: SEMH1047L
Price: $9.99
6.5x Magnifying Glass
Number: SEMH7005C
Price: $1.99
Dual Power Pocket Magnifier
Number: SEMH7006-2
Price: $2.99
SE® 2.25x Handheld Magnifier
Number: SEMH7011B
Price: $1.99
SE® Credit Card Magnifier/Firestarter
Number: SEMJ018A
Price: $0.59
SE® Mini 20x Microscope with Illuminator and UV
Number: SEMW1089UV20X
Price: $5.99
3" Toe Nail Clippers
Number: SEN236
Price: $0.99
4" Sideways Toe Nail Clippers
Number: SEN336
Price: $0.99
2-1/8" Finger Nail Clippers
Number: SEN672
Price: $0.59
3.5" Straight Cuticle Scissors
Number: SESP35AS
Price: $2.99
3.5" Baby Nose Scissors
Number: SESP35E
Price: $1.99
2.75" Slanted Tip Tweezers
Number: SETW043S
Price: $1.39
Shawshank LEDz® 6 SMD Mega Magnifying Glass
Number: SH702423
Price: $7.99
Shawshank LEDz® LED Handy Magnifier
Number: SH768027
Price: $5.99
Magnifying Glass Tweezers
Number: W3213
Price: $3.99
Tire Pressure Gauge
Number: W9104
Price: $1.99