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Horse Bits & Rein Chains

Horse Bits & Rein Chains

High quality, durability, and ease of use is essential when looking for a horse bit or snaffle bits. It's got to be comfortable for the horse and good looks are an added bonus. Check out our selection of beautiful western bits made of high quality materials that any horseman would be proud to show.

Whether your horse is a beginner and needs to start with snaffle bits or he's an old pro who just needs a little guidance in a stylish horse bit, you'll find some great choices here. Browse through our favorite western bits including Jeremiah Watt, Sliester, Dutton, and more. Attention to detail can be seen on every piece with graceful lines and impeccable designs.

Get your horse all he needs to be his best. I mean, he's practically part of the family! You can also find bridles and reins that will make your job easier and allow your horse to be as successful as he can be.

Partrade 5 3/4-inch Slobber Bar
Product ID: 251250
Rawhide Distributors Economy Chain Reins - Pack of 2
Product ID: RHERC
Wild West Braiding Braided Nylon Bit Hobble - Assorted Colors
Product ID: 803FC
Partrade Aluminum Correction Bit
Product ID: 261150
W.F.Young ABS Supershine
Product ID: AS
Partrade Black Shirt Floral Gag Bit
Product ID: 238305
Weaver Flat Curb Chain Only
Product ID: 19601W
Weaver Double Curb Chain Only
Product ID: 19590W
Weaver Single Curb Cain Only
Product ID: 19580W
Smith & Edwards 1/4" X 14" Latigo Bit Tie
Product ID: 1414W
Partrade 1" Nickel Snap
Product ID: 1003FE
Weaver 1" NP Round Eye Panic Snap
Product ID: 1002PS
$2.90 Sale: $2.90 $2.90
Weaver 1/2" Nickel Panic Snap
Product ID: 1001
Metalab Slobber Bar
Product ID: 251250
BallŪ Rein Chains - Nickel Plated
Product ID: MRC
Starting at $9.99
BallŪ Rein Chains - Brass
Product ID: MRCB
Starting at $9.99
Jeremiah Watt Bit End Clevis - Set of 2
Product ID: JWPBC