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Leather Curb Straps

Leather Curb Straps

Whether you're looking for curb chains or leather curb straps, you'll find the great-value Western tack for your bit & headstall here. We have a large selection including harness and latigo curb straps for horses!

Not only do we proudly carry nylon curb straps from companies such as Valhoma, we also make our own curb straps! You'll find several sizes and styles of curb straps above. And if you're not finding what you're looking for, please let us know! We want to be your FAVORITE Tack Shop online.

Plus, we work hard to have reasonable rates for shipping! On orders up to a pound, all you need is $3.95 to have it shipped - and most of these curb straps are 1/4 pound or less.

Match the rest of your tack by choosing a nylon color, latigo, or harness leather curb straps. Choose from single-chain, double-chain, or all-leather construction. All these curb straps are adjustable and ready for you to use with your horse. Enjoy!

Single Chain Curb Strap in Harness
Product ID: 110CSH
Latigo All-Leather Curb Strap
Product ID: 461
Harness All-Leather Curb Strap
Product ID: 461H
Harness Chain Curb Strap
Product ID: 5706HW
Double Chain Curb Strap
Product ID: 590
Single Chain Curb Strap
Product ID: 70P
Flat Chain Curb Strap
Product ID: 71P
Sewn Leather Curb
Product ID: BCL416