Utah Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Are you looking to hunt or fish in the great state of Utah? We've got you covered!

Whether you're getting a first-time license or you're already in the system and just need a renewal, we have what you need. Come on in to either Smith & Edwards location, head straight to the Sporting Goods counter and we'll get you taken care of.

Same day licensing - and tons of hunting or fishing gear to choose from.

Get familiar with the licenses available at Utah Licenses, Permits, and Fees on Utah's DNR website.

Utah Wildlife Calendar: Know season opening dates and when tags are drawn by watching this calendar.

Utah Resident Out of State
must be 21 or older

Please bring:

  • Utah Driver's License, not expired, with your current address
  • Your Utah concealed carry permit OR fill out a background check form.
    Note: We have to call the BCI even if you have a concealed carry permit, to verify it.

Not Allowed.

It is a federal offense to sell handguns across state lines.

Long Gun
must be 18 or older
See above

OK to purchase (residents of Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming).
Please call us for up-to-date state information.

Please bring your driver's license and CCW or complete background check.

If your driver's license doesn't have your current address, please bring a state or federal issued proof of identification, such as your hunting or fishing license.

There is generally no waiting period unless the BCI needs additional time to process your background check.

You can also have a gun transfered to Smith & Edwards from a different gun store. There is a $50 transfer fee.

Gun laws change frequently so while we try to keep this page up-to-date please call 801-731-1120 for the most current information.

Come Fish Willard Bay:

More Hunting & Fishing Information

Check out beautiful Willard Bay! Located just outside Smith & Edwards; Willard Bay Reservoir on Utah Fishing Info.