Half of the year is usually pretty brisk, downright chilly, or just cold as sin. Smith and Edwards is prepared to prepare you for this. Pick up a propane heater today, fight winter's bite. These heaters are great for keeping your tent warm ice fishing, too!



Mr. Heater Double Tank Top Heater
Number: F242650
Price: $99.99
Go Warmer Rechargeable hand warmer 2 Pack
Number: GW2PK-MC6
Price: $24.99
Mr. Heater Single Tank Top Heater
Number: MH15
Price: $49.99
Mr. Heater® 15,000 BTU Single Tank Top Heater
Number: MH15C
Price: $49.99
Mr Heater Tank Top Heater 8,000 - 14,000 BTU
Number: MH15T
Price: $49.99
Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX
Number: MRH73400
Price: $89.99
Mr. Heater 10-foot Buddy Series Hose Assembly
Number: MRH73704
Price: $34.99
Mr. Heater® Big Buddy® Portable Heater
Number: MRH74805
Price: $139.99
Mr. Heater Propane Tank Refill Adapter
Number: MRH76172
Price: $16.99
Texsport® Single Burner Propane Heater
Number: TEX14215
Price: $34.99
Texsport® Sportsmate™ Propane Heater
Number: TEX14223
Price: $39.99