Tactical Bags & MOLLE Gear

No matter the situation, you want to be prepared. You want gear that's familiar to you and holds darn near EVERYTHING you need: to protect your family, serve you on the job, or be the ultimate emergency bag. With Voodoo® tactical bags and a huge selection of molle gear pouches for sale, you'll find just about everything you need. We also carry 5.11 tactical bags and backpacks that are MOLLE compatible.

We are building up our collection of tactical bags and backpacks as well as molle gear vests, pouches, and straps. Please let us know anything you're looking for so we can help you get it! We can also do special orders for you through Voodoo if you need a color or style that's out of stock. Thanks for shopping with Smith & Edwards!



Condor Shotgun Scabbard
Number: 148
Price: Starting at $31.99
Condor 4 " Mod Straps - 4 pc.
Number: 223
Price: $4.99
Condor LCS Gun Belt
Number: 121174
Price: $34.99
Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt
Number: 121175
Price: $75.99
Condor Matrix Single Point Sling
Number: 211182
Price: $19.99
Universal Surgical Instrument Kit
Number: 10-7688
Price: $29.99
Condor Tech Sheath Plus
Number: 191085-008
Price: $15.99
Condor Siamese Slik Clip - 10 pcs
Number: 221092-498
Price: $7.99
Condor Hydration Pack
Number: 124SCS
Price: $55.99
Condor 3 Day Assualt Pack
Number: 125SCS
Price: Starting at $99.99
Condor Double Rifle Case
Number: 15DRC
Price: Starting at $94.99
Condor Fuel Hydration Pack
Number: 165SCS
Price: $65.99
Condor Siamese Slik Clip - 2 pcs
Number: 221092-498-2
Price: $1.99
5.11 Bail Out Bag - MOLLE Compatible
Number: 51156026SCS
Price: $59.99
5.11 RUSH Delivery LIMA 11 x 17 Tactical Bag
Number: 51156177SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
5.11 RUSH 12 Tactical Backpack
Number: 51156892SCS
5.11 RUSH MOAB 6 Tactical Bag
Number: 51156963SCS
Price: $69.99
5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 Tactical Bag
Number: 51156964SCS
5.11 RUSH 24 Tactical Backpack
Number: 51158601SCS
Price: Starting at $79.99
5.11 10 X 6 Horizontal Pouch
Number: 51158716SCS
EOD® Tactical Backpack - Black
Number: 51267EV
Price: $59.99
Condor Cross Draw Vest
Number: CVSCS
Price: $74.99
Drago™ Gear Tracker™ Backpack - Black
Number: DRA14301BL
Price: $59.99
Condor Elite Tactical Vest
Number: ETV
Price: $74.99
G.P.S. Digital Camo Medium Range Bag
Number: GPS1411MRBDC
Price: $74.99
G.P.S. Desert Tan Tactical Bugout Backpack
Number: GPST1611LTB
Price: $129.99
G.P.S. Black Tactical Range Backpack
Number: GPST1612BPB
Price: $149.99
Condor Ambidextrous Holster
Price: $18.99
Ice Fishing Essentials Kit
Price: $99.99
Condor Drop Leg Platform
Number: MA1
Price: Starting at $21.99
Condor Shotgun Ammo Pouch
Number: MA12
Price: $12.99
Condor Pock Pouch
Number: MA16
Price: $14.99
Condor Single M16/M4 Open Top Mag Pouch
Number: MA18
Price: Starting at $10.99
Condor Double M16/M4 Open Top Mag Pouch
Number: MA19
Price: Starting at $16.99
Condor Ammo Pouch
Number: MA2
Price: $19.99
Condor Fold-Out Medical Bag
Number: MA20
Price: $27.99
Condor EMT Pouch
Number: MA21
Price: Starting at $17.99
Condor Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Number: MA23
Price: Starting at $11.99
Condor Single Pistol Mag Pouch
Number: MA32
Price: Starting at $9.99
Condor Triple AK/AR Mag Pouch
Number: MA33
Price: Starting at $24.99
Condor Roll-Up Utility pouch
Number: MA36
Price: Starting at $14.99
Condor Double M4 Mag Pouch
Number: MA4
Price: Starting at $16.99
Condor H20 Pouch
Number: MA40
Price: Starting at $19.99
Condor Single M4 Mag Pouch
Number: MA5
Price: Starting at $11.99
Condor Triple Pistol Mag Pouch
Number: MA52
Price: Starting at $15.99
Condor Hand Held Radio Pouch
Number: MA56
Price: Starting at $10.99
Condor Double AR/AK Mag Pouch
Number: MA6
Price: Starting at $18.99
Condor Tech Sheath
Number: MA73
Price: $12.99
Condor Utility Pouch
Number: MA8
Price: Starting at $14.99
Condor Radio Pouch
Number: MA9
Price: Starting at $13.99
Condor Modluar Vest
Number: MV
Price: $52.99
US PeaceKeeper Assault PDW Gun Case - 40"
Number: P20040
Price: $29.99
US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack - Olive Drab
Number: P20305
Price: $44.99
US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack - Black
Number: P20307
Price: $39.99
US PeaceKeeper 9" x 6" Pistol Case - Small
Number: P21009
Price: $6.99
US PeaceKeeper Mini Range Bag - Black
Number: P21105
Price: $24.99
US PeaceKeeper Medium Range Bag - Black
Number: P21115
Price: $49.99
US PeaceKeeper 3-Gun Case
Number: P30049
Price: $99.99
US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack - Tan
Number: P40305
Price: $39.99
Condor Tactical 3 Point Sling
Number: T3PS
Price: $16.99
Condor Tactical Leg Pistol Holster
Number: TLHSCS
Price: Starting at $21.99
Condor Battery Case - 4 pk.
Number: US1017
Price: $22.99
Condor Battery Case
Number: US1017-1
Price: $6.99