Choke Tubes & Gun Components

Extra magazines mean more ammunition - and whether you're planning on carrying these magazines as part of your concealed carry, or you're going to load extra magazines at the range, you can never have too many. Just don't call it a clip! You'll find several magazines here, and we've got LOTS more in-store. Plus, choke tubes for your shotguns.



Butler Creek® 50-Round Hot Lips 10/22 Loader
Number: BTC24211
Price: $32.99
Carlson's  Universal Hammer Expander
Number: CAR00110
Price: $9.99
Carlson's  Sporting Clays Speed Wrench
Number: CAR06601
Price: $19.99
MTM Case-Gard® Clip Zip for Mossen or Mauser
Number: CZMO
Price: $1.00
I.O. Inc. AK47 30 Round Magazine
Number: IOIN0201
Price: $19.99
Magpul Pmag 40 AR/M4 Gen M3
Number: MAG233BLK
Price: $24.99
Pmag 25LR/SR Gen M3 Magazine - Window
Number: MAG292-BLK
Price: $29.99
Pmag 30AR/M4 Gen M3 Magazine
Number: MAG557-BLK
Price: $19.99
Pmag 10 AR/M4 Gen M3 Magazine
Number: MAG559-BLK
Price: $16.99
Pmag 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 Moe Magazine
Number: MAG571
Price: $17.99
Pmag 20 AR/M4 Gen M3 Magazine
Number: MPMAG560
Price: $16.99
PatternMaster 12-Gauge Remington Code Black Goose Choke Tube
Number: PAT5361
Price: $89.99
PatternMaster 12-Gauge Crio/Beretta Optima Plus Code Black Goose Choke Tube
Number: PAT5373
Price: $89.99
PatternMaster 12-Gauge Browning Invector DS Code Black Goose Choke Tube
Number: PAT5488
Price: $89.99
M&P 22 35RD Magazine FDE
Number: PT30RD002
Price: $7.99
Ruger® BX-25® 22LR Magazine - 25 Rounds
Number: RUG90361
Price: $29.99
Mission First Tactical™ Standard Capacity Polymer Magazine - 30 Rounds
Number: SCPM556ACDB
Price: $14.99