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Emergency Candles, Matches, & Glowsticks

Emergency Candles, Matches, & Glowsticks

Ideal to have in your emergency bags and kits as well as in the kitchen in case of power outages, choose from several styles of emergency candles and glowsticks here. You'll find 4" and 5" candles, in small packs as well as bulk. Light your way to safety or just the breaker with firestarters and an emergency candle from Smith & Edwards.

Whether you just need a little light, or you need heat as well, you'll find the emergency candles you need here at Smith & Edwards. Choose from single-wick or three-wick candles. The three-wick candle by Coghlan's allows you to heat food over its flames, lasting 12-36 hours depending on the number of wicks lit. You'll also find several styles of fire starters, from waterproof matches to flint and steel - good even in the rain.

Great for at home as well as your roadside emergency kit, you can rely on these survival candles, fire starters, and glowsticks in your time of need.

Adventure Med All Weather Fire Cubes
Product ID: 0140-1240
Coghlan's Fire Lighters
Product ID: 0150
Northern Lights 12 Hour Lightstick - Green
Product ID: 05-0732009000
Northern Lights 12 Hour Lightstick - Yellow
Product ID: 05-0732017000
Coghlan's® Wind Resistant Lighter
Product ID: 0573
Coghlan's Flex Lighter
Product ID: 0829
Coghlan's Flint Striker
Product ID: 1005
UST High-Performance Flint Sparker - Orange
Product ID: 209000013002
Coghlan's Flints - Pack of 10
Product ID: 526
Coghlan's Waterproof Matches - 400 count
Product ID: 529
Coghlan's® Candles - 5 Pack
Product ID: 7615BP
SunCast Planter Farmington 18" Brown
Product ID: 7795644
Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter
Product ID: 7870
Fire Sticks - Pack of 12
Product ID: 7940
Alpine Polyresin Assorted Birds on a Log Door Décor
Product ID: 8015534
Infinity Polyresin Multi-color Farm Animal Statue
Product ID: 8015781
Alpine Inspirational Gnome Statue
Product ID: 8015833
Big Rock Sports Fire Paste
Product ID: 8607
Emergency Candles with Holders - Pack of 2
Product ID: 8674
Luminous Garden Floral Solar Stake 12PC
Product ID: 8890279
Coghlan's Refillable Lighter
Product ID: 9013
Coghlan's® Lightsticks - Green
Product ID: 9200BD
36-Hour Survival Candle
Product ID: 9248
GEI Flame Fanner Barbeque Lighter - Assorted Colors
Product ID: 9297904
Coghlan's Disposable Lighter
Product ID: 9316
Waterproof Matches - Pack of 4 Boxes
Product ID: 940BP
Coghlan's Fuel Tablets
Product ID: 9565
Assorted Color Glowsticks - Pack of 4
Product ID: 9845
Survival G.I. Spec Matchbox
Product ID: ATL4586000
Metal Match Box
Product ID: COG546
Plastic Match Box
Product ID: COG8746
Enor Disposable Transparent Lighter
Product ID: ENI11001
Fuel Compressed Trioxane Heating Ration
Product ID: MIL-F-10805D
12-Hour 6" Green Glowstick
Product ID: OMN908076
UCO® Stormproof Matches
UCO® Stormproof Match Kit - Green
UCO® Stormproof Match Kit - Yellow
UST BlastMatch™ Fire Starter, Black
Product ID: UST20900
Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder - Pack of 8
Product ID: UST30412
Sparkie Fire Starter
Product ID: UST90201