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Headstalls for Horses

Headstalls for Horses

Headstalls and bridles in basketweave, latigo, and many colors of nylon are here for you to browse! One ear headstalls and browband, you'll find the perfect piece of tack at Smith & Edwards. We even make some of these headstalls here in our workshop. Looking for leather breastcollars? Click here!

When you're looking for headstalls for sale, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one! Do you want headstalls with bling? One ear headstalls? Nylon headstalls in a rainbow of colors, or nice headstalls made with Hermann oak leather? Even quick change headstalls?

No matter your preference, whatever your Western heart desires, Smith & Edwards has it. And if you're looking for halters for horses and livestock, we've got those too - mostly in nylon, but some in leather as well. Everything for your horse and home, we've got it at Smith & Edwards!

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5/8" Smith & Edwards Side Pull Headstall
Product ID: 100
5/8" Basketweave Browband Headstall with Conchos
Product ID: 100-6202
5/8" Basketweave Stamped Browband Headstall
Product ID: 100-7102
5/8" Shaped Barbed Wire Headstall
Product ID: 100-7331
5/8" Quick Change Single Ear Headstall
Product ID: 100-7556
3/4" Russet Concho Headstall
Product ID: 100-872
1" Smith & Edwards Mule Browband Headstall
Product ID: 10277MS
1" Smith & Edwards Browband Headstall
Product ID: 10277SCS
Starting at $44.99
Nylon 5/8" Browband Headstall
Product ID: 103H
Smith & Edwards Leather Throat Latch
Product ID: 104SCS
Starting at $3.99
5/8" One Ear Latigo Bridle
Product ID: 230S
5/8" Latigo One Ear Shaped Headstall
Product ID: 233
5/8" Browband Latigo Headstall
Product ID: 294
5/8" Smith & Edwards Harness Leather Headstall
Product ID: 296H
5/8" Latigo Leather Bridle
Product ID: 298H
5/8" Shaped Brow and Cheek Latigo Headstall
Product ID: 324
3/4" Smith & Edwards Browband Headstall
Product ID: 34277SCS
Starting at $44.99
5/8" Floral Stamped Russet Headstall
Product ID: 4102
5/8" Floral Tooled One Ear Headstall
Product ID: 4105
Smith & Edwards Roper Noseband - Latigo or Harness
Product ID: 609SCS
Starting at $20.99
5/8" Nylon Horse Browband Bridle
Product ID: 8150
Starting at $26.99
5/8" Nylon Pony Bridle with Bling and Zebra Accents
Product ID: 8153
Starting at $9.00
Straight Browband Headstall with Ties
Product ID: BCLH100
Straight Browband Headstall with Screw
Product ID: BCLH103
Straight Browband Headstall with Quick Change
Product ID: BCLH104
Sliding One Ear Headstall with Ties
Product ID: BCLH150
Sliding One Ear Headstall with Screw
Product ID: BCLH153
Straight Browband Headstall w/ Buckle Cheek
Product ID: H102
Handtied Leather Headstalls
Product ID: H300
5/8" Side Pull with Braided Rawhide Noseband
Product ID: HL
K&D Equestrian Bridle Hanger - Black
Product ID: KD141-5BLK
K&D Equestrian Bridle Hanger - Hunter Green
Product ID: KD141-5HG
K&D Equestrian Bridle Hanger - Red
Product ID: KD141-5RD
K&D Equestrian Bridle Hanger - Tan
Product ID: KD141-5TAN
K&D Equestrian Bridle Hanger - Teal
Product ID: KD141-5TL
Throat Latch Small Shu-Fly
Product ID: NO189
40 found, showing page 1 of 1
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