Camp Showers, Toilets, & Accessories

The great outdoors are the perfect place to get away from everyday stress. The smell of the campfire and fresh wood are a perfect way to ease into your outdoor vacation. You'll find a great selection of showers and outdoor toilets that keep you and your outdoor haven smelling fresh and clean.

You'll find high quality accessories like mirrors, toiletry bags, and soap. The camper shower is compact for easy storage and ready to use when you are! It's solar heated so you can hang it up anywhere there is a lot of sun without having to drag around a tank. It is so portable you can take it with you anywhere.

Try our selection of portable toilets for for a more comfortable experience in the great outdoors you can also find a foldable shovel that is a must have tool for a variety of uses, like shoveling coals or burying a campfire on your outdoor adventure.



Camp Soap - 2 fl. oz
Number: 9613
Price: $2.99
Coghlan's 3-Way Camp Mirror
Number: 650
Price: $4.99
Coghlan's Contain-Alls
Number: 8525
Price: $7.99
Coghlan's Deluxe 40" x 14" Fast Drying Camp Towel
Number: 0170
Price: $5.99
Coghlan's Mirror
Number: 8501
Price: $2.99
Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower
Number: 9965
Price: $14.99
Coghlan's Toothbrush Covers
Number: 9244
Price: $1.49
Coghlan's Toothbrush Holders
Number: 657
Price: $1.99
Intex® Dura-Beam® 10 in. Standard Downy Air Mattress
Number: 64758E
Price: $24.99
Intex® Dura-Beam® 10 in. Standard Downy Air Mattress - Queen
Number: 64759E
Price: $29.99
Intex® Dura-Beam® 10 in. Standard Downy Air Mattress - Twin
Number: 64757E
Price: $24.99
Intex® Dura-Beam® 10 in. Standard Downy Air Mattress with Hand Pump - Queen
Number: INT64765E
Price: $39.99
Reliance Luggable Loo Seat Cover
Number: REL98810
Price: $22.99
Reliance Luggable Loo Set
Number: 9854-03
Price: $29.99
Reliance Products® Flush-N-Go 1020T Portable Flushing Toilet
Number: REL9210-20
Price: $129.99
Reliance® Flow Pro Pressurized Portable Shower
Number: 9316-03
Price: $54.99
Reliance® Solar-Spray Portable Shower - 5 Gal.
Number: REL9321-69
Price: $17.99
Soap Case
Number: 658
Price: $1.99
Stansport Extra Portable Toilet Bags
Number: STA272
Price: $6.99
Stansport Portable Toilet
Number: STA271
Price: $24.99
Stansport Self-Inflating Pillow
Number: STA490
Price: $12.99
Stansport® Jumbo 5 Gallon Camper's Shower
Number: STA298
Price: $19.99
Stansport® Portable Toilet Deodorizer
Number: STA273-6
Price: $9.99
Texsport® 5-Gal. Outdoor Portable Solar Shower
Number: TEX15950
Price: $11.99