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Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

You'll get the taste and richness of campfire cooking with these cast iron pans, Dutch ovens, and presses. You'll even find handle holders and lids to help you get the most of your campfire cooking - no more missing lids or potholders because we've got you covered. We can't wait to hear what steaks, filling meals, and down-home desserts you make at home or out in the woods with these good pans, griddles, and more.

When you're out camping, here's a good trick: warm up your sleeping bag with a cast iron pan! That's right - just warm up your cast iron skillet, then place it in a paper bag, then place the bag in the bottom of your sleeping bag. Leave it in til you're ready to sleep, and you'll have a warm sleeping bag to get into for the night! Cast iron hangs on to heat for a long time - and this is just one more way to use that heat retention to your advantage!

For more than four generations, LodgeŽ has been making cast iron cookware. And, much of the cookware made generations ago is still in the kitchens of fourth generation cooks. When you choose Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, you've made a friend that will last more than a lifetime. Smith and Edwards is pleased to offer you a wide selection of Lodge cast iron cookware and other great Lodge and camp cooking products you'll use for years and years - at great prices, too.

Vickie's got a huge selection of campfire pots & pans for you to choose from - Vickie's got years of experience supplying Utah's campers, hikers, and master chefs with the top-notch cookware they demand - so she's got you covered. Pick up your first piece of cast iron or add a panini press or long-missing lid to your collection - Vickie's got what you need.
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