Shank Bits

Shank bits are a common and helpful way to help you communicate easily with your horse. Browse our large selection of bits that vary in cheek length, mouthpiece, and design. You'll find everything here from the exquisitely ornate to the sturdy basics - there's something for every style and every budget. Check out our headstalls that work beautifully with all of our shank bits. Many of which are made right here in our Smith and Edwards tack shop!

Whatever your needs, we've got a shank bit for it. Look through correction bits, grazing bits, chain and gag bits, hinged port bits, curb bits, short shank snaffle bits, long shank snaffle bits, and more. Each has it's own form and function that allow you to teach, train, and communicate with your horse effectively, in your own way and your own style. They come in patterns and prices for everyone!

If quality and craftsmanship is important to you, we've got just what you need. We carry some of the best shank bits available by trusted names like Tom Balding, Jeremiah Watt, Greg Dutton, and Sliester. Each of their bits is hand made to perfection, one shank, one mouthpiece at a time - right here in the USA. We're proud of the work these folks do and we know you'll love them too! Learn more about our these great "Made in the USA" manufacturers by checking out our blog post for a series of spotlights that help you get to know these great people better!


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Long Hinge Port Brown with Dots
Number: 002HNG75
Price: $264.99
Short S Billy Allen Brown with Dots
Number: 011BIL75
Price: $264.99
Short S Slick 50 Brown with Dots
Number: 011SLK75
Price: $264.99
Long S Correction Brown with dots
Number: 012COR75
Price: $264.99
Long S Hinge Port Brown with dots
Number: 012HNG75
Price: $264.99
Long S Ballhinge Hinge Port Brown with Dots
Number: 112HNG75
Price: $319.99
Metalab Tom Thumb Colt Breaking Bit
Number: 252210
Price: $17.99
Partrade Aluminum Hinged Port Bit
Number: 257329
Price: $80.99
Partrade Aluminum Spoon Bit
Number: 257616
Price: $71.99
MetaLab® Black Argentine Snaffle Bit
Number: 252790
Price: $31.99
Partrade Medium Stainless Steel Brushed With Copper
Number: 257373
Price: $80.99
Partrade Low Stainless Steel Brushed With Copper
Number: 257375
Price: $62.99
Partrade Ladies Stainless Steel With Brushed Copper Filla
Number: 257377
Price: $62.99
Partrade Dog Bone Argentine Bit with Roller
Number: 238315
Price: $35.99
Partrade Junior Cow Horse Roller Gag Bit
Number: 238318
Price: $35.99
Antique Diamonds & Dots Ported Chain Bit
Number: 250003
Price: $49.99
Antique Sweet Iron Ported Chain Bit
Number: 250008
Price: $40.99
5" Basic Curb Bit
Number: 252080
Price: $15.99
4" Pony Basic Curb Bit
Number: 252090
Price: $15.99
Nickel Plated Breaking Bit
Number: 252110
Price: $22.99
Copper Wire Argentine
Number: 252850
Price: $31.99
Black Correctional Argentine Bit
Number: 252930
Price: $40.99
MetaLab® 3-Piece Black Argentine Snaffle Bit
Number: 252940
Price: $31.99
Colt Training Bit
Number: 253120
Price: $28.99
Copper Cricket Quarter Horse Chrome Plated Bit
Number: 253410
Price: $31.99
Copper Roller Training Bit
Number: 255125
Price: $44.99
Copper Mouth Short Shank Training Bit
Number: 255130
Price: $44.99
C Shank Stainless Steel Bit
Number: 255803
Price: $40.99
Stainless Steel & Copper Correctional Bit
Number: 255834
Price: $53.99
Engraved Lightweight Aluminum Correctional Bit
Number: 257313
Price: $62.99
Brushed Stainless "S" Shank
Number: 257323
Price: $53.99
Antique Finish Hinged Futurity
Number: UW609F03
Price: $53.99
Copper Bar Correctional Bit
Number: 263003
Price: $53.99
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