Survival Packs & Bags

On-the-go or just need a bag to store your emergency gear, these tactical bags are up to the task. They'll carry all your emergency gear with ease. Bail-out bags or full-on survival tools, they'll carry your medical supplies, survival gear, tools, ammo, and  Check out water-resistant and buriable options in our Plastic Storage Containers.

A bug-out bag or bail-out bag is a great bag to have in your home at all times. You never know when you might use it - during a blackout, tornado, storm, fire, or a family emergency. It's usually a bag that can hold enough supplies and food to last you 72 hours, or 3 days. (We've put together some great 72-hour kits for you here) Keep your bail-out bag handy in a closet, mudroom, or in the basement (make sure you know where it is!) so that when the lights go out, the weather warning comes on, or you start to smell smoke, you can slide on your bail-out bag and help the kids carry theirs as you make it to safety.

Having a go-bag in your house is one thing. What about if you run into an emergency on the road? Changing a tire on the side of the road is something most of us can manage - but what about being stranded on a closed mountain pass, getting your car stuck at the beach, or just flat-out lost in the middle of nowhere? You'll be glad you keep an emergency kit in your trunk or truck.

A lot of the bags on this page will be great in that situation. Keep your flares, first aid supplies, and space blankets organized in a good tactical bag. Nothing worse than extra time spent looking for the glowstick in the bottom of the bag in a blizzard. Tuck spare food, water, and utensils in there, plus handy things like a lantern, electrical tape, and a hat. It's a kit you don't want to have to use - but you'll be glad you have it.



Bail Out Bag
Number: 51156026SCS
Price: $59.99
Rush Delivery Lima
Number: 51156177SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
Rush 12 Pack
Number: 51156892SCS
Rush Moab 6
Number: 51156963SCS
Price: Starting at $69.99
Rush Moab 10
Number: 51156964SCS
Rush 24 Backpack
Number: 51158601SCS
Price: Starting at $79.99
Horiz 10x6 Pouch
Number: 51158716SCS
Coghlan's 10L Lightweight Dry Bag
Number: COG1107
Price: $9.99
Coghlan's 25L Lightweight Dry Bag
Number: COG1110
Price: $14.99
Waterproof Plastic Pouch - Set of 3
Number: SETP126-3
Price: $3.99
5" x 7.25" Waterproof Plastic Pouch
Number: SETP129
Price: $0.99