Folding Knives

The convenience of a knife in the moment you need it… right in your pocket. Check out all the styles and colors we have in pocket knives right here and all from favorite brands like Wicked Tree Gear, Taylor Brand, Kershaw, and Buck Knives. For knife-necessary tasks in the spur-of-the-moment, have your pocket knife there and ready.



Chill Fine
Number: 3410
Price: $24.99
Gerber® Paraframe I Serrated Knife
Number: 22-48443
Price: $24.99
Gerber® Paraframe Mini Serrated Knife
Number: 22-48484
Price: $11.99
Gerber® Vital Folding Pocket Knife
Number: 31002736
Price: $39.99
Gerber® Vital Replacement Blades - 12 Pack
Number: 31002739
Price: $16.99
Buck Knives® Bantam BBW Knife - Orange Blaze
Number: 0284CMS9
Price: $19.99
Buck Knives® Cadet Folding Knife - Rosewood
Number: 0303RWS
Price: $44.99
Buck Knives® Stockman Wood-Grain Knife
Number: 0371BRS-B
Price: $27.99
Buck Knives® Trapper Knife
Number: 0382BRS-B
Price: $24.99
Buck Knives® Small Folding Selkirk Knife
Number: 0835BRSB
Price: $39.99
Sm 2 Blade Knife
Number: 1040T
Price: $14.99
Old Timer® Pioneer Pocket Knife
Number: 123OT
Price: $21.99
Kershaw® Cryo Knife
Number: 1555TI
Price: $39.99
Old Timer® Mighty Mite Lockblade Pocket Knife
Number: 180T
Price: $11.99
Gunstock Trapper Single Bl.knife
Number: 1940T
Price: $15.99
Mountain Beaver Jr. Knife 2.5"
Number: 28OTW
Price: $14.99
Old Timer® Bearhead Lockback Pocket Knife
Number: 30T
Price: $14.99
Old Timer® Middleman Jack Pocket Knife
Number: 330T
Price: $15.99
Old Timer® Middleman Pocket Knife
Number: 340T
Price: $18.99
Old Timer® Senior Pocket Knife
Number: 80T
Price: $21.99
Outdoor Edge 7.0" Flip n' Saw
Number: FW70
Price: $24.99
Gerber® EAB Pocket Knife
Number: GER41830
Price: $12.99
Kershaw® Oso Sweet Pocket Knife
Number: KER1830
Price: $29.99
Volt Ii Knife Black Fine
Number: KER3650
Price: $34.99
Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze Orange with MossyOak Camo Sheath
Number: RB-20
Price: $34.99
Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC Knife - Orange
Number: RLB30C
Price: $29.99
Razor Lite Edc Blue Knife
Number: RLU40C
Price: $29.99
Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC Knife - Gray
Number: RLY50C
Price: $29.99
Outdoor Edge Wild-Pak Knife Set
Number: WP2
Price: $54.95