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Buy Surplus Ammo Boxes

Buy Surplus Ammo Boxes

There's literally no end to the possibilities you can use an ammo box for. Take a surplus ammo box and you can make an emergency kit, water-resistant photography gear box, compartment for your jeep, heck you can even store ammunition in it! These surplus ammo boxes are generally in good shape but they're heavy to ship, so make sure to put in your shipping address and look at FedEx rates.

If you're looking for government surplus ammo boxes, you're in the right spot! Smith & Edwards has carried military surplus since 1947 and we still haven't sold through all of it! Ammo boxes are one of the biggest requests we get - both wooden ammo boxes and metal ammo cans - and you bet you can buy ammo boxes online. We have competitive prices and while we don't offer free shipping, we don't mark up shipping costs crazy. We have very reasonable rates.

Make sure and let us know in the comments on your order if you have a special request on your ammo boxes! They come in various conditions, so if you have a special need: not dented, not rusted, even type of paint job - we'll be happy to help you get the boxes you want!

Looking for more surplus items? Let us know what you want to see us add to the Surplus website!

120mm Tall Ammo Box
Product ID: 821201
20mm Ammo Box Large ***USED***
Product ID: 822001
Empty Explosive Gray Box - Small
Product ID: 822011
Empty Explosive Gray Box - Large
Product ID: 822012
30 Cal Ammo Can ***USED***
Product ID: 823001
40mm Ammo Box***USED***
Product ID: 824001
50 Cal Ammo Box Standard ***USED***
Product ID: 825001
50 Cal Fat Saw Box ***USED***
Product ID: 825002
50 Cal Ammo Box WWII Side Latch ***USED***
Product ID: 825003
Misc Surplus $29.99
Product ID: MISCSURP2999
Misc Surplus $9.99
Product ID: MISCSURP999
Used Vietnam Era Wooden Ammo Box