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Military Surplus and Tactical Gear

Military Surplus and Tactical Gear

It's the department that started our store: Military Surplus. Here in our online store, you'll find ammo boxes, clothing, tents, nets, dog tags, packs and MOLLE gear, and even more gear you'll love to have on-hand. There's a lot of surplus gear to choose from.

About Smith & Edwards Surplus

In the store, located off I-15 in Utah, we've got even more army surplus gear that we're slowly putting online! We've got new and used BDUs in many different colors, tarps of every size, raingear, military pins, customized dog-tags, ghillie suits, and much much more.

Voodoo Tactical is the highlight of the tactical gear Dennis carries: it's rugged, reliable, and comes with a great warranty. You can see a lot of our Voodoo collection here online. Come on in the store to see the full selection - if we don't have exactly what you're looking for, we'll get it!

You won't believe what is available in the giant rolls of material; indoor-outdoor carpet, latest hunting camo patterns, upholstery vinyl, burlap, naugahyde, and more. We've mastered "sold by the foot." Surplus also offers foam rubber in many different sizes and density. We can special order any size you need for that hard to find size.

You never know what you'll find, so come and browse around and find your own treasure at Smith and Edwards' Surplus department.

Ryan Seager
Ryan's been with us over 10 years and knows his WWII and military gear inside and out. Ryan focuses on buying the American-made gear you need, at the best quality out there.
Tactical & Military Surplus Buyer
Special Forces Handbook Manual
Product ID: SCHBK159
Sniper Training and Employment Manual
Product ID: SCHBK099
Improvised Munitions Handbook
Product ID: SCHBK031
Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations Manual
Product ID: SCHBK080
Fox Outdoors® Scout Tactical Day Pack - Olive Drab
Product ID: FO56-110
Fox Outdoors® Scout Tactical Day Pack - Black
Product ID: FO56-111
Fox Outdoors® Scout Tactical Day Pack - Coyote
Product ID: FO56-118