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Fox Run Measuring Cup Set plus Egg Separator & Scraper

Product ID: FR04827
Sale: $4.99

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Set of 7 Measuring Cups by Fox Run
* Material: Food grade plastic
* Sizes: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, & 1 cup
* Egg Separator & scraper included
* Sizes printed in bright, coordinating colors
* Quick reference of fluid & dry volume measurements
* Sturdy, durable and reliable
* Mfg numbers: 4827

Additional Information

This is a fabulous set of measuring cups for an exceptional price. Not only do you get the important sizes every great (and not-so-great) cook needs but this set comes with an additional egg separator and scraper. The scraper levels off those dry ingredients for a perfect measurement every time and has a quick reference of measurements printed on it for quick access.

Shipping Weight: 0.50 LB

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