Socks & Activewear

Get what your family needs to stay active at Smith & Edwards! You'll find socks and athletic accessories here. Make sure and explore the entire Clothing department here for camo, gloves, jeans, cowboy boots, and so much more!


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Browning®  Adult Hiking Socks
Number: 09855-7000-LG
Price: $7.99
Ariat® 3-Pack Women's Over-The-Calf Boot Socks
Number: A2500405
Price: $15.00
Ariat® 3-Pack Women's Super Crew Boot Socks
Number: A2500605
Price: $13.00
Ariat® 3-Pack Youth Over-The-Calf Boot Socks
Number: A2505005
Price: $10.00
WigWam Merino Lite Hiker
Number: F230000
Price: $10.99
WigWam Merino Airlite Pro
Number: F60030
Price: $11.99
Youth Merino Wool Socks - 3 Pair
Number: FEL027
Price: $6.99
Men's 3-Pair Merino Wool Socks - Size 9-11
Number: FEL127
Price: $8.99
Men's 3-Pair Merino Wool Socks - Size 10-13
Number: FEL721
Price: $8.99
FitKicks Active Footwear - Black
Number: FITK-BLK
Price: $19.99
FitKicks Active Footwear - Fuchsia
Number: FITK-FUS
Price: $12.90
FitKicks Active Footwear - Gray
Number: FITK-GRY
Price: $12.90
FitKicks Active Footwear - Turquoise
Number: FITK-TRQ
Price: $5.00
FitWrist Wallet - Black
Number: FITW-BLK
Price: $4.99
FitZip® Waist Pouch - Black
Number: FITZ-BLK
Price: $8.99
FitZip® Waist Pouch - Turquoise
Number: FITZ-TRQ
Price: $8.99
FitKids Boys' Active Footwear - Blue
Number: FKID-BLU
Price: Starting at $9.90
FitKids Boys' Active Footwear - Gray
Number: FKID-GRY
Price: $9.90
FitKids Girls' Active Footwear - Pink
Number: FKID-PNK
Price: Starting at $5.00
FitKids Girls' Active Footwear - Purple
Number: FKID-PUR
Price: Starting at $9.90
Mylar Sock Liner
Number: JAH91364
Price: $6.99
FitKicks Men's Active Footwear - Black
Price: Starting at $5.00
FitKicks Men's Active Footwear - Navy
Price: Starting at $14.90
Rothco® G.I. Sock Liner - Black
Number: RT6144
Price: $4.99
FitKicks Women's Active Footwear - Graphite
Price: Starting at $5.00
FitKicks Women's Active Footwear - Lush
Price: Starting at $14.90
SmartWool Adult Black Hike Liner Crew Socks
Number: SW0SW114
Price: $9.95
SmartWool Men's Gray Light Hike Crew Socks
Number: SW0SW129
Price: $14.99
SmartWool Men's Brown Hike Medium Crew Socks
Number: SW0SW130
Price: $13.95
SmartWool Men's Gray Trekking Heavy Crew Socks
Number: SW0SW131
Price: $15.95
SmartWool Men's Black Heathered Rib Socks
Number: SW0SW164
Price: Starting at $14.95
SmartWool Men's Hunt Light OTC Socks
Number: SW0SW274
Price: $19.95
SmartWool Women's Gray Hike Light Crew Socks
Number: SW0SW293
Price: Starting at $12.95
SmartWool Men's Charcoal New Classic Rib Socks
Number: SW0SW915
Price: $16.99