Silk Scarves

A cowboy scarf is the icon of western wear both then and now. You would never see John Wayne walking around town without his wild rag on would you? Here you can pick a luxurious 100% silk scarf that is just right for you in a variety of great styles and patterns to choose from.

Why wear a Silk Scarf?

Silk is a natural fiber that's breathable, light weight, insulating, and very absorbent: it will wick the sweat away from you, which will keep you cool in the summer, plus when you're working hard on the ranch and then slow down, you won't get that chill on your neck - the silk will keep you warm and dry.

Use a silk scarf for its practical value - breathe through it instead of choking on trail dust, keep warm, filter dirty water through it in the desert, tie it around your horse's feet as a makeshift hobble, pot holder, hat tie down, and even as a bandage if need be.

For work, competition, or just plain lookin' good, people use their cowboy scarf for a variety of reasons. A 100% silk scarf is a great tool for getting the job done because it naturally wicks moisture away in the warm summer months and protects from sun, wind, and dirt. In the winter it becomes a natural insulator, keeping in the warmth and protecting from the weather and environment.

One of the most popular reasons, however, that cowboys and cowgirls alike wear Wild Rags is that they look so great on! Worn at the rodeo, dancing, or for a night on the town you'll look sharp in your new silk scarf. Luxurious, durable, and useful, these Wild Rags are ideal for most any occasion. You may want to check out our good looking line of economical cowboy hats as well.

How to Care for a Silk Wild Rag

To keep your silk wild rag in the best shape, wash it by hand in cold water. Be careful not to stretch it, scrunch it up, or wring it when you are washing it.

You can wash your silk scarf in the washing machine if you take care: use mild laundry soap or shampoo. Place the silk scarf in a garment bag or pillowcase, and put it in a load of other delicates - NOT with your Wranglers! Then put it through the gentle cycle. Make sure the water temperature is set to cold.

To dry your silk scarf, let it air dry. You can speed this up by - remember, no wringing or scrunching! - placing your scarf on a dry towel, and rolling the scarf up along with the towel to soak up the moisture. Repeat a couple times, then let dry. Keep your scarf out of the sun and away from furnace vents & hot air as it dries to protect the silk and the color.

To take wrinkles out of a silk scarf, you can place it under a towel and iron the silk scarf with the towel as a barrier. Or, you can use a garment steamer to steam the silk scarf. Be quick about it so you're not exposing your good scarf to heat longer than necessary. You can leave your scarf in the bathroom hanging on a skirt hanger while you shower to help it relax wrinkles before ironing or steaming if you like.

Discover how to tie a silk scarf in a square knot here.


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Wyoming Traders® 34.5 in. Aztec Wild Rag - Red/Blue
Number: 4AZTEC
Price: $25.99
Wyoming Traders® 34.5 in. Bandana Wild Rags
Number: WT-BAN
Price: $25.99
Wyoming Traders® 34.5 in. Brands Wild Rags
Number: WT-BRA
Price: $25.99
Wyoming Traders® 34.5 in. Solid Color Wild Rags
Number: WT-SLD
Price: $21.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Aztec Wild Rag - Teal/Tan Silk Scarf
Number: XATT
Price: $36.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Charmeuse Wild Rag - J-Dazzle
Number: XCH9
Price: $56.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Charmeuse Wild Rag - Whirlwind
Number: XCH20
Price: $56.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Charmeuse Wild Rags - Leopard
Number: XCH5
Price: $56.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Charmeuse Wild Rags - Lilac & Lace
Number: XCH3
Price: $56.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Cowboy Polka Dot Wild Rag - Navy Blue
Number: XCN
Price: $36.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Cowboy Polka Dot Wild Rags - Red
Number: XCR
Price: $36.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Cowboy Silhouette Wild Rag - Rust
Number: XCSR
Price: $47.99
Wyoming Traders® 42 in. Frontier Calico Wild Rags - Acanthus
Number: XCAA
Price: $36.99
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