Livestock & Horse Halters

Halters! Get your halters here: Horse halters, calf halters, cow halters, llama halters, sheep halters - whether you need, we've got em here in leather, rope, and several colors of nylon. Whether your son or daughter is raising their sheep for 4-H, or you have calves or llamas on your ranch that you need to outfit, we'll make sure you get the halters you need!

When you're tying up or leading your llama, sheep, calf, or horse, you want a halter you can depend on! You'll find a HUGE range of halter sizes and color in Valhoma's nylon halters here. Plus, we even make Western tack ourselves here at Smith & Edwards in Farr West, Utah, so you'll find some leather halters for horses here as well. If you're looking for headstalls, we make and carry lots of headstalls here.

We get horse people - we ride and work with horses & livestock too. We want to be your place to get tack, and so if you're not finding what you're looking for, please let us know!


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Continental 200' 5/8" Braided Halter Rope
Number: 1285
Price: $119.99
Cow Holding Rope Halter
Number: 208H
Price: $8.99
Cow Rope Halter with Chain
Number: 14R
Price: $17.99
Halter Bridle Combo
Number: BCLH375
Price: $121.99
Mustang AVG. Size Antique Dot Halter
Number: 85272SCS
Price: $37.99
Mustang Black Lime Turquoise Flat Nose Halter With Lead
Number: 8005DNV
Price: $20.00
Mustang Manufacturing Bitless Halter
Number: 8157DJ
Price: $14.99
Mustang Manufacturing Jute Rope Halter with 9' Lead
Number: 8117J
Price: $13.99
Mustang Manufacturing Poly Rope Halter with 8' Lead
Number: 8104
Price: $12.99
Mustang Mule Tape Halter With 10' Lead
Number: 8095SCS
Price: $43.99
Mustang Rope Halter With Leather Nose
Number: 8007
Price: $47.99
Nylon Llama Halter
Number: LH
Price: $24.99
Valhoma Economy Q Colt Halter
Number: 2-30Q
Price: $15.99
Valhoma Economy Q Large Horse Halter
Number: 11-15Q
Price: $22.99
Valhoma Economy Q Medium Horse Halter
Number: 8-11Q
Price: $22.99
Valhoma Economy Q Pony Halter
Number: 1-20Q
Price: $15.99
Valhoma Economy Q Small Horse Halter
Number: 5-80Q
Price: $22.99
Valhoma Economy Q Yearling Halter
Number: 3-50Q
Price: $22.99
Valhoma Nylon Calf Halter
Number: 20P
Price: $23.99