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Kids Camo

Kids Camo

You've got a passion for camo and your kids do too. Discover cool kids camo - jackets, shirts, and pants - in styles and prices that won't break the bank. Our kids hunting clothes will help them take their skills to the next level and are great for boys and girls alike.

Start them off young with their own kids camo, just like mom and dad's. For the older kids you can find great styles and brands on kids hunting clothes so they can be right there with you, concealed and ready for the thrill of the hunt.

Kids know that when they are wearing camo they blend in when they're in the great outdoors and stand out when they are hanging out with their friends. Camo is meant to be worn not only hunting, but is a great fashion statement too. For more great looks for school, work, or chillling with the boys, check out these popular jeans.

Breaux® Youth Blaze Orange Vest
Product ID: BR50261
Carhartt Boys' Washed Camouflage Dungaree (10-18)
Product ID: CK8347
Starting at $32.99
Carhartt Infant Toddler Boys' Camo Active Jac (6m-4T)
Product ID: CP8467
Starting at $53.99
Carhartt Boys' Camo Active Jac (XXS-XL)
Product ID: CP8468
Starting at $69.99
King's Camo Youth Six Pocket Camo Cargo Pants
Product ID: KCK202
King's Camo Youth Long Sleeve Cotton Camouflage Tee
Product ID: KCK204
King's Camo Youth Cotton Camouflage Hoodie
Product ID: KCK215
Rothco® Kids' Woodland Camo T-Shirt
Product ID: RT6703
Rothco® Kids' Pink Camo T-Shirt
Product ID: RT6736
Gamehide Deer Camp Youth Jacket
Product ID: Y5P
Gamehide Youth Front Loader Vest
Product ID: YCV