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Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus

Product ID: WPC00304
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Water Purification Germicidal Tablets by Portable Aqua
* Makes questionable water bacteriologically suitable to drink
* Ready in 35 min
* Proven effective against giardia lamblia
* Treats up to 25 quarts
* Iodine based compound, chlorine free
* PA Plus remove the iodine taste & color
* Easy to use
* 2 tablets make 1 quart of most water bacteriologically safe to drink
* Not to be used on a continual basis
* Ideal for hiking, camping, travel, & emergency prep

Additional Information

You can have purified drinking water from any fresh water source with Potable Aqua's water purification tablets. This 2 pack comes with the germicidal tablets as in #WPC00304 with the addition of PA Plus tablets that remove the iodine taste and color. Stay safe - be prepared.

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