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Half Pint Mason Jars - Box of 12

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BallŪ Regular Mouth Half-Pint Mason Jars

* 8 ounces
* Box of 12 glass jars
* Includes 12 bands and 12 dome lids

Additional Information

Great for peaches, pickles, jams, jellies, and preserving other mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, these pint canning jars can be used for years and years.

In this box, you'll get 12 lids and canning rings to match the jars. Great for gift-giving and crafts, these half-pint jars are a nice touch around the house to hold daisies and wildflowers in vases - use dried or silk flowers in the winter to add vibrance to any room.

Shipping Weight: 5.40 LB

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