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Assorted Color Glowsticks - Pack of 4

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Coghlan's SnapLightŪ Lightsticks

* (1) 12 hour Green, (1) 12 hour Yellow, (1) 12 hour Red, and (1) 8 hour Blue
* Non-Toxic
* Weatherproof
* Cool to the Touch
* Won't attract insects.

Brightness and duration will be affected somewhat by temperature variation. Colder temperatures will result in less brightness but longer duration. Temperatures over 80°F (27°C) will cause a brighter light for a shorter time.

Additional Information

Dozens of uses while camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting scuba diving or entertaining. Use them as flares or emergency lights or as a handy light while fixing a flat tire. Easy to use and the soft glowing light is a benefit as most insects are not attracted to it as readily as a sharp "white" light source. You can also hang them on the patio for night lights or in the tent on dark nights with their convenient hooks.

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