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Aquamira Water Basics Emergency Straw Filter - Pack of 2

Product ID: AQU67250
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Emergency Straw 2 pk by Aquamira
* 30 gallon capacity per straw
* Removes crypstosporidium & giardia
* Improves water clarity, taste, & odor
* BPA, iodine, & chemical free
* Filter water as you drink
* Easy to use
* Compact for easy storage & packing
* Comes in a 2 pack - 2 straws, 2 filters
* Made in the USA

Additional Information

Grab and go with Aquamira's emergency straws. Just attach the straw to the filter, fill a bottle or drink straight from the source, and drink up to 30 gallons of safe, worry-free water. It really can't get much easier than this; a great solution for the whole family.

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