Zombie Paracord

The hottest new trend in Paracord is here at Smith & Edwards! That's right, Zombie Paracord. It's not for ropin' up zombies - although with the paracord being 550 test, you definitely could use this paracord in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse.

But the real reason we call it Zombie Paracord is - well, just look at it! With names like Infectious, Decay, and Undead, with colors to match - well, it just makes sense.

Get prepared for anything with some top-quality 550 paracord - the Zombie Apocalypse could strike at any time, and your friends are counting on you!



S&E Brand® Decay 550 Paracord - 100 Feet
Number: 550100DECA
Price: $6.99
S&E Brand® Infectious 550 Paracord - 100 Feet
Number: 550100INFE
Price: $6.99