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Whether you've got an ice fishing tent or not, you need somewhere to sit! Bucket seats are the easiest way to get started. If you've already got a 5-gallon bucket at home, just put this cushioned swivel seat on top and you're set! Or order a folding ice fishing chair today so you can relax in your nice tent. Be sure to grab Smith and Edwards fishing tackle boxes and you're off to a good start!

When you are ice fishing you want to get as comfortable as possible. On your next outing make sure you've got one of our popular tripod ice fishing chairs. They are compact enough to not take up much room if you are in an ice fishing shelter and fold up nice and tidy for easy storage and transportation. They are made of heavy duty material and will be your fishing companion for years to come.

Bucket seats for ice fishing is always a good way to go if that is more your style. Not only do you have your seat with you wherever you go but it's a great way to tow your extra ice fishing gear around. If you're like me, I always have more gear than hands so I also suggest an ice fishing sled so you don't break your back before you even arrive. It sure makes life a lot easier! I've also got some cool fishing tackle boxes with the Smith and Edwards logo on them so you can keep your favorite fishing lures like Ratsos and Gizzy Bugs along with your terminal tackle close at hand. Read 5 Ways to Prepare for Ice Fishing and I think we've got you covered!


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Umpqua® Ambi Sling Pack ZS
Number: UFM3511AMBI
Price: $109.99
Umpqua® Bandolier Sling Pack ZS
Number: UFM3511BANDO
Price: Starting at $54.99
Umpqua® Large Heavy Duty Premium Fly Box
Number: UFM3088HDL
Price: Starting at $10.00
Umpqua® LT Bugger High Premium Fly Box - Blue
Number: UFM30881
Price: $15.00
Umpqua® LT Midge Premium Fly Box - Blue
Number: UFM30874
Price: $15.00
Umpqua® LT Standard High Premium Fly Box
Number: UFM308LTH
Price: Starting at $10.00
Umpqua® Medium Heavy Duty Premium Fly Box
Number: UFM3088HDM
Price: Starting at $15.00
Umpqua® Steamboat 1200 Sling Pack ZS
Number: UFM35STMBT
Price: Starting at $109.99
Umpqua® Switch 600 Sling Pack ZS
Number: UFM35SWTS
Price: Starting at $89.99
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