Skimmers and Ice Riggers



Celsius Telescopic Ice Skimmer  3
Number: TS3
Price: $11.99
Eagle Claw 19.5" Ice Skimmer/Chipper
Number: ICSKDX
Price: $7.99
HT Enterprises 3-in-1 Polar Skimmer
Number: HTHTS1
Price: $16.99
HT Enterprises INC Chip N' Dip Heavy-Duty Skimmer with Ice Chipper & Ruler
Number: CD18
Price: $14.99
HT Enterprises INC Ice Rigger
Number: IRG1
Price: $34.99
HT Enterprises INC Mini Nero Auger Drill Adapter with 10-inch Extension
Number: NAXT1
Price: $54.99
Rapala Ice Skimmer with Chipper
Number: RISWC20
Price: $9.99