Serving Utensils

You’ll find just what you are looking for to keep on hand in your kitchen, throw the perfect party, or wedding. all our serving utensils are high quality and with many styles and sizes to choose from you will find the right serving tools fit for any occasion.

Along with stainless steel ladles and durable cake and brownie servers, we have a variety of other specialty kitchen tools that provide ease and less preparation time as you cook. Here at Smith and Edwards, you’ll discover endless possibilities that help you get excited about cooking and baking.

You can never go wrong with high quality serving utensils that are easy to clean, durable and ready for your kitchen or restaurant. You can also find the perfect cast iron cookware for those who like long lasting griddles and pans that guarantee long life and durability as well as a sense of the great outdoors in our cast iron cookware here.


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Golden Harvest® 4 Oz. Salt or Pepper Shaker
Number: 6202683
Price: $1.39
Libertyware Cast Aluminum Scoop - 5 ounce
Number: AS-05
Price: $2.99
Libertyware Cast Aluminum Scoop - 12 ounce
Number: AS-12
Price: $3.99
Libertyware Cast Aluminum Scoop - 24 ounce
Number: AS-24
Price: $5.99
Libertyware Cast Aluminum Scoop - 58 ounce
Number: AS-58
Price: $11.99
Libertyware Cast Aluminum Scoop - 38 ounce
Number: AS38
Price: $8.99
Butterie® Butter Dish - Pick Your Color
Number: BTR
Price: $12.99
Libertyware Aluminum Dredge With Handle
Number: DRG-ALH
Price: $2.49
Libertyware Stainless Steel Dredge With Handle
Number: DRG-SSH
Price: $3.49
Progressive Prepworks Butter Dish
Number: GBD-1
Price: $6.99
Joie Squeeze Bottle
Number: HIC28277
Price: $3.99
Mrs. Anderson's Glass Syrup Dispenser
Number: HIC43145
Price: $16.99
Libertyware Ice Scoop - 12 ounce
Number: ISP12
Price: $2.99
Libertyware Ice Scoop - 24 ounce
Number: ISP24
Price: $3.99
Libertyware One Piece Ladle - 4 ounce
Number: OPL04
Price: $2.99
Libertyware One Piece Ladle - 6 ounce
Number: OPL06
Price: $3.49
Libertyware Pizza Cutter With White Plastic Handle - 4 inch
Number: PC-4W
Price: $4.99
Smart Cook Small Clear Squeeze Bottle
Number: PPD60801
Price: $3.99
Smart Cook Large Clear Squeeze Bottle
Number: PPD60811
Price: $4.99
Libertyware Petite Piano Whip - 8 inch
Number: PW-08P
Price: $3.99
Libertyware Clear Plastic Squeeze Bottle
Number: SB08-C
Price: $0.99
Libertyware Red Plastic Squeeze Bottle
Number: SB08-R
Price: $0.99
Libertyware Yellow Plastic Squeeze Bottle
Number: SB08-Y
Price: $0.99
Libertyware Sauce Cup - 1.25 ounce
Number: SC-1
Price: $0.39
Libertyware Sauce Cup - 2.5 ounce
Number: SC-2
Price: $0.49
Libertyware Sauce Cup - 4 ounce
Number: SC-4
Price: $0.99
Libertyware Swirl Cheese Shaker With Perforated Cap
Number: SP04SP
Price: $1.49
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