Rifle Cases

Take care of your gun... and with cases from Browning, Bob Allen, and Allen Co., there's no going wrong. Pick your style or color, even pink for her. Have a scoped rifle? Not a problem! Find what you need right here for all your rifle needs.



Plano Molding SE Series™ Single Scope Hard Rifle Case
Number: 1010-475
Price: $29.99
Browning®  VCI Gun Sock - S&E Logo
Number: 149983
Price: $14.99
Browning®  VCI Gun Sock
Number: 149985
Price: $11.99
Voodoo Tactical® 36" Padded Weapons Case - Black / Brown
Number: 15-7617061000
Price: $84.99
Voodoo Tactical® 36" Padded Weapons Case - Black / Red
Number: 15-7617086000
Price: $84.99
Voodoo Tactical® 36" Padded Weapons Case - Black / Blue
Number: 15-7617136000
Price: $84.99
Condor Double Rifle Case
Number: 15DRC
Price: Starting at $99.99
EOD® Mesquite Series Rifle Case
Number: 44306EV
Price: $12.99
EOD® Requite Series Rifle Case - Gray
Number: 44349EV
Price: $12.99
Allen® Company Gun Sock
Number: ALL00131
Price: $8.99
Allen® Victory Tactical Rifle Case
Number: ALL1062
Price: $29.99
Allen® 36" Wedge Tactical Rifle Case
Number: ALL10902
Price: $39.99
Allen® Wedge Tactical Case
Number: ALL10903
Price: $39.99
Allen® 38" Patrol Double Rifle Case - Black
Number: ALL10935
Price: $79.99
Remington® Saranac Rifle Case - 48"
Number: ALL18609
Price: $39.99
Allen® Durango Promotional Scoped 46" Rifle Case
Number: ALL26946
Price: $14.99
Allen® Ruger 10/22 40 in. Scoped Rifle Case
Number: ALL27540
Price: $21.99
Allen® Ruger Flagstaff 10/22 40 in. Scoped Rifle Case
Number: ALL37540
Price: $24.99
Allen 46" Silverton Rifle Case
Number: ALL60-46
Price: $12.99
Allen® Durango 46 in. Rifle Case
Number: ALL60-46D
Price: $19.99
Allen® Flagstaff 52 in. Shotgun Case - Black and Lime
Number: ALL630-52
Price: $24.99
Allen® Monument Hill Rifle Case
Number: ALL69550
Price: $49.99
Allen® Hardline Tactical Rifle Case
Number: ALL7703
Price: $89.99
Allen® Select Gear Fit Rifle Case
Number: ALL90550
Price: $79.99
Allen® Gear Fit Pursuit Bruiser 48" Rifle Case
Number: ALL94548
Price: $44.99
Allen® 50" Tejon Oversized Scoped Rifle Case
Number: ALL98350
Price: $54.99
Allen® 48" Delta Rifle Case - Gray & Orange
Number: ALL98548
Price: $39.99
Allen® 46" Delores Rifle Case - Black and Pink
Number: ALL99346
Price: $29.99
Banded Impact Gun Bag in Realtree Max 5
Number: B08205
Price: $24.99
Bulldog® Pit Bull Black 48-inch Rifle Case
Number: BUL241006
Price: $14.99
Red Rock® Deluxe Rifle Backpack - Coyote Brown
Number: ES80280COY
Price: $49.99
Alpine Innovations Gun Slicker - Black w/ Logo
Number: GSXFD10G10
Price: $29.99
Alpine Innovations® Gun Slicker
Number: GSXFD10G54
Price: $24.99
US PeaceKeeper Assault PDW Gun Case - 40"
Number: P20040
Price: $29.99
US PeaceKeeper 3-Gun Case
Number: P30049
Price: $99.99
Uncle Mike's Long Range Tactical Rifle Case - Black
Number: UM64114
Price: $79.99
Allen® 46" Gun Case - Olive
Number: WW25946
Price: $10.00