Paint Pails Buckets & Drop Cloths

Store your paint and keep it ready to use with our variety of paint buckets, pails and trays. Pick up some liner to keep your clean up fast and easy. Find everything you need to keep your house looking fresh and new.

Don't see what you're looking for? This category is fairly new to the Smith & Edwards website and many of these products have not been added to our online catalog. Join us at either our Ogden (Farr West) or West Jordan locations and shop the in-store selection today!



Ace Brand Cotton Cleaning Cloth 8 oz.
Number: 1024975
Price: $3.59
Ace Brand Drop Cloth Heavy Weight Plastic  9 ft. X 12 ft. X 2 mil
Number: 11167
Price: $6.59
Ace Brand Drop Cloth Heavy Weight Plastic  9 ft. X 12 ft. X  3 mil
Number: 11168
Price: $7.99
Ace Brand Drop Cloth Medium Weight Plastic  9 ft. X 12 ft. X 0.5 mil
Number: 11165
Price: $3.59
Ace Brand Masking Paper General Purpose Regular Strength
Number: 17883
Price: $5.59
Ace® 10" Plastic Red Paint Tray 6pc Set
Number: 1006666
Price: $13.99
Birch Paint Paddles 9 in. Length
Number: 1098896
Price: $0.20
Clear Plastic Bucket
Number: 13973
Price: $2.99
Clear Plastic Bucket 1 quart
Number: 13972
Price: $2.39
Deep Well Plastic 11 in. W Paint Tray
Number: 1014278
Price: $4.59
Elastic Nylon Mesh Paint Strainers
Number: 19824
Price: $4.59
New Gallon Paint Can with Lid and Handle
Number: 1014316
Price: $6.99
Paint Paddles 21 in. L x 1-3/8 in. W Birch
Number: 1065481
Price: $0.49
Project Select Disposable Paint Tray Liner - 10 Pack
Number: 1467935
Price: $8.59
Red Plastic Bucket 5 quart.
Number: 11153
Price: $3.59
Shur-Line® Disposable Paint Tray Liner - 4 In.
Number: 1006704
Price: $2.59