Meat Grinders and Jerky Guns

Processing your game doesn't have to mean hours with a fillet knife anymore. You'll find some great meat prep tools here, including meat grinders and a great new jerky-making tool, the jerky gun.

You already know how a meat grinder works: cut the meat in strips, and feed it through. With jerky guns, you don't have to painstakingly slice each strip! Simply feed ground meat into the gun, squeeze it out in long pieces, and you've got perfect jerky just waiting to be seasoned and dried (click for our recommended tools).

There's nothing more satisfying than a savory meal made with meat you've taken and prepared yourself. Use the best meat prep tools to save yourself time and effort for a delicious meaty snack or meal.



Beef Jerky Gun Kit
Number: 6167878
Price: $24.99
Manual Meat Grinder #10
Number: 6183248
Price: $51.99
Progressive® Prepworks Perfect Burger Press
Number: HPM-10
Price: $9.99